Rewarding for Shopify Product Reviews

What is Shopify Product Reviews?

Shopify Product Reviews is a free application that allows you to add a customer review option to your products in your e-commerce store!  Product Reviews allows easy customization, bulk action, and it is even SEO-friendly!

How can customers earn points for reviews on Product Reviews?

If you are on our  Basic plan or above, you are able to award your customers with points whenever they leave a product review. To activate this feature, you will need to download and install the Product Review app to your Shopify store. 

When you have successfully installed Product Review, sign into your admin

Once you have entered the admin, click on 'Earning Points', located in the toolbar on the left-hand side:

Then scroll all the way down to the bottom to 'Reward for more action' section and find 'Shopify Product Review' and click on the button:

Once you have clicked on this option, you can input the number of points that you want to give and the maximum number of reviews that your customers can be rewarded for: 

Once you are satisfied, you will then click 'Save'. 

And that's it! The feature has been activated and you are ready to award points for Product Reviews! 

Note: Rewarding for customer reviews is only supported on the official Shopify Product Review app. 

You can download the Shopify Product Review app at the  Shopify app store.

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