How to use ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions with

What  is  ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions?

ReCharge is the most used recurring billing solution service on Shopify. It allows merchants to sell physical products through a subscription service and set up recurring charges to their customers (example, monthly subscription). You can download and learn more about what ReCharge can do for your store over at the  Shopify app store.

Who does this benefit?

The ReCharge and integration benefits merchants of Shopify who want to allow their customers to spend and earn points towards their next month's charge. 


  • Be on the Small Business Plan or above, and have not used up your number of Smile Apps.
  • You need a valid ReCharge API key with access to "read customers" and "read & write discounts". You can get your API key from ReCharge.
  • You must have products setup for subscription billing.

How do I use ReCharge with

If you are on our Small Business plan and above, you can reward your customers for their recurring purchases. This integration allows customers to spend their earned points towards a discount on their next month's payment. Once you have installed the ReCharge app to your Shopify store and have set up your store, you can get started on integrating these two apps together.

How do I set this up?

  • In the admin, click on 'Settings' located at the bottom of the toolbar. 
  • Once you are in Settings, select the 'ReCharge' tab in the top bar.
  • Fill in the form with a working API key. You will need to get the API key from ReCharge.
  • Click 'Save'. 

Your next step is to create the ReCharge subscription coupon:

  • Go to 'Spending Points'.
  • Click 'Add New Spending Option' located  on  the right-hand corner. 
  • Select 'ReCharge Subscription' coupon.
  • Fill out the form with the proper values and then click 'Save'. 

How does this work for your customers?

Customers will click on the tab and your rewards program will pop-up. 

  • They will then click the 'Spending Points' tab or navigate to the 'Rewards' tab.
  • They will click the 'ReCharge Subscription Coupon' (or the name that you have called your subscription coupon) and confirm the purchase.
  • They will be presented with the coupon code which they should copy (they should make sure to copy the code to clipboard via the clipboard icon).

There are two routes that the customer can take to redeem the coupon:

  1. If they are an existing customer, they can apply the coupon in the cart of a new subscription.
  2. They can click the button that says "Discount an existing subscription". This will bring them to a page that shows the customer's existing subscriptions.


Note: Make sure that you make your coupons explicit with a distinct difference between Subscription items and Non-Subscription items. The API Key will automatically generate a coupon code for Subscription items only. However, if you sell non-subscription items, you will need to create a separate coupon code for your customers to use.

Please be aware, ReCharge coupon codes can be used in both the ReCharge Checkout system and the Shopify Checkout system. So a customer can use their ReCharge coupon code in the ReCharge Checkout page and then decide to use the same code in the Shopify Checkout page. However, Shopify coupon codes can only be used in the Shopify Checkout page.

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