Can I reward certain customers based on groups or channels?

Under our Small Business plan and above, you can choose to only reward customers with a specific customer tag/customer group, order condition, or both!

You can set as many conditions as you want, by clicking on 'Add condition' under the 'Customer Makes an Order' section.

The customer conditions option can be used to prevent certain customers from earning points on purchases. For example, wholesale customers. 

You can set order conditions where people will only earn points when that condition is met. The options for the order conditions are:

  • Currency 
  • Coupon Discount 
  • Discount Amount 
  • Order for Digital Products 
  • Order Source 
  • Subtotal Excluding Tax
  • Subtotal Including Tax 
  • Total Excluding Tax
  • Total Including Tax

You can create multiple customer conditions and order conditions. The possibilities are endless!

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