How to install on Bigcommerce with Stencil

What is Stencil?

Stencil is a theming engine on BigCommerce that allows you to create an alluring and high-level storefront.

When you install on BigCommerce and you are using Stencil, you will need to incorporate a snippet into your theming in order for the pop-up to appear on your storefront. 

Here are the steps to do this:

1. First, you will need to download the app from the  BigCommerce app store.

2. Once you have installed the app into your Bigcommerce store, you will be taken to the initial set up of

Click on the 'Let's do this' button and continue to click through and set up your rewards program. Once you have set up your program, you are now ready to incorporate the Points Tab into your theme. 

3. Click on 'Settings' in your admin.

4. Once you are in your Settings, you will then click on 'Theme Integration'.

5. In the Theme Integration, you will copy the code that you see in the box.

6. Then go to your BigCommerce store admin and paste the code that you copied into the footer of your theme, like so:

And that's it! Now the points tab is visible on your storefront!

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