Why aren't my customers earning points?

There are a few reasons why your customers may not be earning points:

  1. Orders are not set as 'Paid', 'Shipped', or 'Complete'. Once orders are set to these statuses, then they will be rewarded.

    You can change the order status under 'Settings' in your Smile.io admin. When you are in Settings, scroll down to see the Order Status Settings.

  2. Customers are checking out as guests. We can only award points if they have created an account and have joined your rewards program.
  3. For Referrals: If customers are not earning points for providing a referral, please verify that the referred customer used the referral coupon code when checking out. This is how accounts are linked together.

If you have checked these causes and you are still having problems, please get in touch with us at support@smile.io. 

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