How does the referral program work? has an optional referral program that you can enable as part of your rewards program. 

How does it work?

Your customers can refer their friends by sending them their unique referral link via Facebook, Twitter, or email. The referring customer will receive a set amount of points and the referred customer will get a coupon as an incentive to make that purchase. As soon as the referred customer completes their order using the referral coupon code, the referring customer will receive their points as a reward. 

Note: The referred customer must use their referral coupon code in their order for the referring customer to receive their reward.

Referring Customer:

The referring customer will sign into their account and then click on the Points Tab to open the rewards program pop-up. Then they will click ' Earn More Points'.

In the Earn Points section, they will see the different ways to earn points at your store. They will then click ' Customer Referral'. 

This will open the referral page with their unique referral URL. This is the URL that the  referred customers will need so that they can get the referral discount code. There will also be Facebook,  Twitter,  and an email icon so your customers can share their referral URL through these outlets.

Referred Customer:

Once a friend goes to a customer's unique URL, it will bring the rewards pop-up automatically. When the pop-up loads, it will ask them to enter their email address for the discount code.

Once they have entered their email address, this email is checked against your current customer accounts. The referred customer only gets the discount if they are a new customer. Once the email has been verified as a new customer, the customer will get a discount code.

If your customer gets the following error message, they may already have an account in your store.

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