How do my customers earn and spend points on the POS system?

When you have installed in your Shopify store, is able to read your orders on the POS system to issue points to your customers. As long as you choose their name and email address when you are checking out on the POS, the points will be issued.

If you don't want to issue points for POS orders, you can disable this by going to your admin and then click on 'Settings'. 

In Settings, scroll down to the 'Order Status Settings'. Here you can change the drop down for Reward Points for Shopify POS orders to "No".

Earning on the POS:

There are two options for you to find the customer and award points to their order through the POS System. 

First Option: Search the customer's name while you put in their order. Here's how:

At the top right-hand corner, you will click on 'Add customer'

Search the customer's name in the search engine.

Once you have found the customer, click on their name and continue with their payments as per usual. 

Second Option: Search and find the customer's name at the end of your transaction. Here's how:

At the end of the transaction, it will ask you if you want to email the receipt to the customer or add the customer by name. You can either write their email address in the 'email receipt' section OR you can search the customer's name on the top left-hand corner:

Redeeming on the POS:

Now that you know how to award points on the POS system, below I will explain how you can redeem the customer's points on the POS system.

Search the customer and find their name. Once you have found the customer, click on the three dots on the right-hand corner.

Click the last option, 'Redeem this customer's points'.

Then select which coupon the customer would like to redeem.

Once you have confirmed the coupon selection, the discount will apply to the subtotal and you can continue with the rest of the checkout. 

Note: If you wish to create a new customer account and you have the option to award points for signup in, these new customers will not receive sign up points through the POS system.

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