How to add the points balance to your theme

With, you can display your customer's point balances on your website so that when your customer is logged in, they can see their balance while they shop around at your store.

To embed this on your website, you will need to apply some code to your theme. 

In Shopify:

{% if customer %}<br><li>Your Points Balance: <span class="sweettooth-points-balance">(loading)</span></li> {% endif %}
In Bigcommerce:
Your Points Balance: <span class="sweettooth-points-balance">(loading)</span>

Depending on where you want to add this feature to appear, where you add the code may vary. In Shopify, the most likely spot will be the theme.liquid file. 

Note: This modification is unsupported by Support. If you need help with adding this, we recommend reaching out to your theme developer.

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