✅ This feature is only available on our Basic plan or above. 

Here's what we're covering:

• How to customize First Interaction Card text
• How to customize Home Card backgrounds

First Interaction Cards are your rewards program's first impression.  As part of your larger customer experience, they introduce customers to your program and invite them to either complete a purchase or become a member.

On the Display page, select Customize cards.

This will  take you to the Home Cards menu, where you'll need to select First Interaction Cards from the options at the top.  

To edit a card, select the Edit card button associated with the card you'd like to edit. 

Each card will have a number of different customization options.  

These include:

•   Custom logos and logo positioning
•   Text and text positioning
•   Custom image backgrounds and background opacity

Each of these customizations can be made using the text and image fields provided.

📝  Pro Tip:

Take advantage of what customers already love about your brand by using logos, images, and text that reflects what makes your store special.

Any changes you make to any card will be reflected in the preview window on the left of each card's page.

Once you've saved your changes, your customers will be able to see your custom card elements in your Smile customer panel. 

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