🎨  Choose your brand colors.

The colors you use throughout your rewards program are one of the easiest ways for your customers to connect it to the rest of your store.  These colors are set in the Branding section and will be used in all of your onsite rewards program content, including buttons and text (in panel).

📝   Pro Tip:

Color can impact a customer's desire to engage with your rewards program.

🎨  Set up your program launcher.

Your Launcher is the first impression your rewards program will make on your customers.  It's also the first interaction they're going to have.

Consider which of your brand colors will grab your customers' attention.  Additionally, think about where you'd like your launcher to be positioned.  How do your customers interact with your website?  Where are they most likely to see it?

We recommend the bottom left to avoid conflicting with any chat or other apps you may already be running.

📝   Pro Tip:

Your program launcher is one of the best ways to promote your rewards program, so make sure it's highly visible!

🎨  Design your program cards.

Program Cards are how your customers will interact with the different parts of your rewards program.  From your welcome card to points, VIP, and referrals, you have the opportunity to create a unique rewards experience your customers can't wait to engage with.

📝   Pro Tip:

Program cards are key to helping you build a loyalty brand that works seamlessly with the rest of your onsite experience.

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