Here's what we're covering:

• How to change your launcher's background color
• How to change your launcher's text color

Color is one of the easiest ways for your customers to identify your brand, especially on your homepage.  

On the Display page, select Customize launcher.

You can then choose a color for your Background and Text.

Your Background color will become the background for your launcher. You can choose a color using the color picker or by entering its hex code in the space provided.

📝  Pro Tip:

Pick a color that will stand out from the rest of your website.  This contrast will make it easier for customers to see and, as a result, increase engagement!

The Text text color will change the color of the text on your launcher.  You have a choice between black and white.

📝  Pro Tip:

If your background color is light, use black text to make it stand out.  Similarly, use white text if your background color is darker to achieve the same result.

Any changes you make will be reflected in the preview window on the left.

Once you've saved your changes, your customers will be able to see your brand colors in your Smile customer panel. 

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