Here's what we're covering:

•  How to make your launcher visible on your site
•  How to make your launcher visible on mobile

Note: if you are a BigCommerce merchant, please see our instructions on how to add Smile to your theme.

Since your launcher is where your customers interact with your rewards program, it's extremely important that it be visible on your website.  

If your launcher isn't visible on your store, you can manually change that on the Launcher page in-app.

Check to make sure that the Show launcher box is checked in the Visibility box.  If this box is checked, your launcher will show up as desired on your website.  

This is also where you can also choose whether your launcher will be visible to customers browsing on mobile.

📝  Pro Tip:

Make your launcher visible to customers shopping on both desktop and mobile.  This will ensure every customer has the opportunity to discover and join your rewards program!

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