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• Getting the Smile launcher to appear on your Shopify store

The Smile Launcher is added to your Shopify store automatically, but it can get removed from your store if you have recently made edits or changed your theme. 

If your Launcher is not showing, follow these to steps before reaching out to our support team. 

Step 1

Check your Launcher visibility settings on your Theme page

Select whether you'd like your Launcher to appear on desktop or desktop and mobile. 

Step 2 

If your Launcher is set to visible and it still doesn’t show on your store you can re-add your Launcher to your Shopify theme. 

To add your Launcher to your Shopify theme, navigate to the Manage area in the Apps section of your Smile Admin. 

In the Platforms section, click “Edit” to modify your Shopify settings. This is where you can add your Launcher to your Shopify theme.

Click “Show More”. 

Click “Add Launcher” to add your Launcher to your Shopify Theme. It may take a few moments for this to be successfully added. 

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