Growth launch roll-out

Incentivizing your existing customer base to become program members and interact with the rewards program increases switching cost and encourages repeat purchase behaviour. Turn your one-time shoppers into powerful repeat purchasers with a launch bonus sign-up points event and email campaign! 

Import bonus points to your existing customers

Your existing customers won't get sign-up bonus points, so why not reward them for being existing loyal purchasers? You can manually add points to customers that already have a store account via CSV

Note: You can export your customer list by going to Customers > Export Customers and filter by the "State" column to award only "Members" (customers with an existing store account) bonus points! 

Bonus sign-up points event 

Your program comes pre-configured with a bonus sign-up points rule! We recommend doubling your sign-up bonus for a week or two after launch to encourage new sign-ups! 

Step 1

Navigate to your current "Signup" earning rule: Points > Earning > Signup

Step 2

Change the number of points awarded for signing up with a store account under "Number of points awarded for this action" to double the current amount

Step 3

Click Save! 

To change your signup points back to your regular amount, simply navigate back to the Signup earning rule, change the value back, and save again.

Launch email campaign

Educating your current customer base with a launch email campaign is a great way to encourage signups and engagement early in your program! Typically, a launch email series should start about 5 days after your program is live to make sure everything is working as intended.

Each email should be appropriately timed to give your customers an opportunity to interact with the program between communication. We recommend running each of the following emails one week after the next.

Here are the emails we recommend running:

Email 1: Program overview

  • Announce to your customers that you have a rewards program! 
  • Outline how customers can earn points through your earning rules
  • Outline the rewards your customers can receive through your spending rules
  • Include a call-to-action to your store's signup page so customers can start earning now! 

Email 2: How referrals work 

  • Outline the referral flow to your customers (Program members share their unique referral URL with their friends, their friends input their email address in Smile for the "Friend" reward, and once they make a purchase, your current program member is rewarded with your "Advocate" reward!) 
  • Outline the reward for both Advocate and Friend in your referral program structure to incentivize sharing
  • Include the customer's unique referral URL or a call-to-action to your referral program panel with Deep Links

Email 3: How your VIP program is structured

  • Outline the milestones in your VIP program - how many points, or how much revenue spend is needed to achieve each tier 
  • List the entry rewards and perks for each of your tiers
  • Include a call-to-action to your rewards program with Deep Links so customers are incentivized to continue earning!
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