Add images to email notifications

Sending emails to your members is a great way to encourage program engagement by reminding your customers of the value they’ve earned as part of your program! Adding your logo or a custom banner image to your email notifications will ensure every message integrates seamlessly with the rest of your program branding! 

✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan. 

What we’re covering: 

  • How to add your logo
  • How to add a banner image

How to add your logo

You can add your logo to email notifications in the Branding > Emails area in your Smile Admin. 

Simply drag and drop your logo into the upload area or upload it directly from your computer and click Save

Here's an example of an email with a logo applied. 

Once you’ve successfully added your logo, it will automatically be applied to all of your email templates. Your logo will also link customers back to your store URL. 

Recommended image size: Up to 400 x 144 px

Recommended file type: .PNG or .JPEG

📝  Pro Tip:
Check out what your changes will look like on mobile and desktop in the Preview area before you save them. This area will update automatically as you apply changes to your email theme.

How to add a banner image

You can make your email notifications even more delightful by adding a custom banner image to each of the notifications in your Smile Admin. 

To add a custom banner image to an email template, select the template you’d like to add the image to from the Notifications area. 

Then drag and drop your banner image into the upload area or upload it directly from your computer and click Save

Here's an example of an email with a logo and a banner image applied. 

Once you’ve saved your changes, any email notifications that are sent using this template will include your new banner image. 

Recommended image size: 1200 x 480 px (Note: all images will be scaled and/or cropped to 1200 x 480 once uploaded)

Recommended file type: .PNG or .JPEG

📝 Pro Tip:
Customizing the banner image for each of your email templates is a simple way to make them even more impactful for your members. When they see these emails as a natural extension of your brand, they’ll be more likely to engage with your program.

Note: Merchants on our Enterprise plan can create custom email templates using our HTML editor. 

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