Improve your rewards program's usage


Keeping your rewards program top of mind directly influences new customer sign-ups, repeat purchase rate and referral sharing! Having several calls-to-action to your rewards program helps turn one-time buyers into powerful repeat purchasers and brand advocates. Here are the best ways to incorporate your program on your website and social media.

Here's what we're covering:

Smile Launcher

Our launcher is the best way to keep your program visible on every page of your website! This accessibility allows customers to keep their regular purchasing flow while also interacting with their rewards. Keeping the launcher visible is also the best experience for customers browsing on mobile. Our launcher and panels are completely reactive for every device, and easy to browse on smaller screens.

You can change your launcher's visibility and placement

Smile Nudges

In conjunction with our launcher, Nudges are a powerful reminder to program members that they have points to spend or a discount code to apply. This gentle push toward redemption is a great way to keep the rewards program at the front of a customer's mind just before checkout - without taking them to another page to interact. This means more converted sales for you, and less confusion and frustration for your customers! 

Enable Nudges here

Nudges are available on our Growth plan and above

Packing slips

Including a packing slip with company information and a thank-you adds a personal touch to your orders. This is a great opportunity to include some information about the rewards program as well! Let customers know more about your program details or use this opportunity to encourage merchants to refer their friends after they've received your products!

Social media

Promoting your rewards program on social media is a great way to encourage new and existing customers to create a store account. Use images and videos through Instagram stories and Facebook live to showcase your program! This is a great way to improve visibility and engage customers on your other marketing platforms.

📝   Pro Tip:
Entice customers with social media posts advertising early access to new products or sales, but outline that this is only available for program members to encourage customers to create an account! You can then email program members a hidden link to your promotion.

Deep Links 🔗

Use Deep Links to created targeted calls-to-action across your website and social media! Encourage customers to earn/redeem points or refer their friends by calling up the panel directly to those details. This is a great way to increase redemption and helps customers better understand the program.

Deep links are available on any Smile paid plan

Here's how to incorporate Deep Links into your calls-to-action

Have any questions, or need help with strategy? Send an email to and we can help! 😄

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