Add points balance to your theme

Here's what we're covering:

  • Code required to embed points balances to your Shopify or Bigcommerce theme
    • Where to use the required code
  • Note: modifying this feature is not supported by Smile support. If you need additional assistance to set up this feature, please contact your theme developer.

    Embedding your customer's points balances into your store theme is a great way to make sure your customers know how many points they have.


    If you're a Shopify merchant, use the following code:

    {% if customer %}<br><li>Your Points Balance: <span class="sweettooth-points-balance"></span></li><br>{% endif %}

    📝  Pro Tip:

    Add this code into the theme.liquid file for best results.


    If you're a Bigcommerce merchant, use the following code:

    Your Points Balance: <span>(loading)</span>
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