Add icons to Advocate & Friend rewards

Here's what we're covering:

• How to customize icons for Advocate and Friend rewards
• What custom icons look like in a Smile customer Panel
• What custom icons look like in a Smile referral email
You can customize the icons for your referral program's Advocate and Friend rewards that appear in your customer Panel.

Select the referral reward you'd like to customize from the Rewards page of your Referral program and click Edit Reward.

You can upload your custom icon in the Image field found in the Display section of your Advocate and Friend rewards.

📝  Pro Tip

Design icons using your brand colors to keep your program consistent with the rest of your website.

Once you've saved your changes, your customers will be able to see the custom icon you've uploaded for that action.

Advocate Rewards

If you have Referral Sender Rewarded notifications turned on, your customers will be able to see your Advocate reward's customer icon in an email after the friend they referred completes a purchase.

Friend Rewards

Referred customers will be able to see your Friend reward's custom icon in your customer panel after clicking on the referral link they receive.

If you have Referral Email Offer notifications turned on, they will also be able to see it in a Friend reward email.

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