All of the ways a customer can redeem


In a Smile Points Program, you can set up two different types of rules.
Earning Rules and Spending Rules.

Earning Rules dictate the way customers will earn points in Smile. These consist of, making a purchase, social media shares or likes (and if using app integrations on our Paid Plans - different kinds of reviews)

Spending Rules are the rules that dictate what customers can spend their hard-earned points on. Customers can choose to redeem right away, or save up their points for a reward of a higher value.

So how does it work?

1. Customers complete the earning actions, then they earn points for those actions.

2. Once a customer has saved up enough points to an amount that you have set for one of your Spending Rules, they can click in the panel to redeem their points for a discount. 

3. The customer can then copy that discount code, and input it into the Discounts box at checkout for their purchase. 

Customer reward emails

When a customer earns or spends points they will be sent an email letting them know how many points they have, the rewards waiting, and a follow up of the rewards they have just claimed. 

These emails can be customized on a Paid Plan in the Notifications Section of your Smile Admin.

What about Referrals? 

Referral reward spending works in a similar way! 

1. The advocate customer refers their friend by sending them their referral URL. 

2. When their friend clicks the URL and enters their email, they will get their reward. 

3. If their friend goes on to make a purchase, the advocate will get their reward. 

For both the advocate reward and the candidate reward, they will be able to access their referral reward via the "Your Rewards" section in the panel, or via the email notification they would receive upon having completed

4. Once they have the coupon code, the course of action is the same as a Points discount code. The customer will copy the code, and paste it into the discounts box at checkout:

Okay, great! But what about in-store using Shopify POS? 

Customers can spend points in-store using Shopify POS, too! These articles about earning points on POS and spending points on Shopify POS will go over those options in detail.

I'm still having trouble understanding how customers spend points! 

We're here to help! You can reach us at

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