Bonus points campaign


Bonus points campaigns are a great way to boost customer engagement by increasing your variable "Place an online order" earning rule for a limited time. Successful campaigns will impact purchase frequency, incentivize new sign-ups, re-engage inactive members and reward your loyal brand advocates.

Here's what we're covering: 

What is a bonus points campaign

A bonus points campaign adds a multiplier to your points earning rules for a limited period of time — might be "2x Points Weekend!" or "2x Earning Week to Celebrate Our Spring Collection!"

Who can use this feature

With the initial release of this campaign we've put some constraints in place to ensure it provides the value it is designed to before opening it up to all possible configurations. The bonus points campaign is available to run once to those programs where:

  • You are rewarding your customers for online purchases with points
  • You have a single variable amount online order rule with no customer conditions
  • You are not running a VIP program

We will be removing these restrictions over time so feel free to let us know at what your use case is to help us prioritize these improvements.

If your Smile program doesn't meet these conditions, or you'd like to incentivize another type of customer action, check out our guide on how to run a manual bonus event.

How do I configure this campaign in Smile

If you meet the conditions above, you'll see a recommendation on your Smile home page that looks something like this:

Click or tap on the "Run a 2x points campaign" button to open the configuration options for this campaign where you'll be able to decide when you want to start the campaign and how long you would like the campaign to run.

From the "Date range" selector you will be able to select 1 of the following 4 options:

  • Starting now
  • Tomorrow (date)
  • Upcoming weekend (date range)
  • Upcoming week (date range)

You'll notice that the "Duration" selector will change to align with your selection. If you select "Tomorrow" it will set it to a single day, "Upcoming weekend" will set it to 2 days and "Upcoming week" will set it to 7 days. If you want to start your campaign right away, select "Starting now" and you'll be able to configure the length of time for this campaign anywhere between 1 and 7 days.

📋   Note:
In order to accommodate all our merchants globally all scheduling is done using UTC ( Universal Time Coordinated). This means that if you are in the eastern United States local time is five hours behind UTC during winter, but four hours behind while daylight saving is observed there. If you are on the west coast, this would be 8 and 7 hours respectively later respectively. Campaigns start and stop at 12:00 AM UTC.

We will be adding additional scheduling options over time so feel free to let us know at what your use case is to help us prioritize these improvements.

Previewing notifications

Once you have configured your campaign you will have the ability to preview the communications that will go out as well as understand the on-site notifications that will be presented to your customers.

You want every visitor to your site to know about the campaign on the very first page they visit!

Don't worry - if you've updated your colours to match your branding, the on-site reminder will use the colours you've chosen in your display settings for both the web and mobile customer. If you're on a paid plan, it will also reflect your settings for Smile branding.

Special note

During an active campaign, or when one is scheduled in the near future, we've locked down a few areas of the Smile app so that you can't make changes that would conflict with the campaign. You will be able to edit the campaign up until the day before it is scheduled to start — once emails have gone out to notify your customer base, canceling a campaign could have a negative impact to your business and brand.

Ready to go

Once you have configured your campaign and understand how it will be communicated to your customers you can start it, or schedule it if you set it to run at some time in the future, by clicking or tapping the "Run campaign" or "Schedule campaign" button at the top of the screen.

You will be presented with a confirmation dialog letting you know the summary of the campaign and any relevant details or restrictions that will be in place while it is active. Click or tap the "Run" or "Schedule" button again and you're good to go!! 🚀

Seeing results

After the campaign completes you will receive an email with some information telling you how the campaign went along with a link to more detailed results!

How to cancel a scheduled or running campaign

Things change in life, we know this, and sometimes it is appropriate to change your plans. If you have a scheduled campaign that hasn't started yet, canceling it is pretty straight forward — simply edit the campaign and click or tap on the "Cancel Campaign" or "End Campaign" button.

Cancelling a running campaign can be done in a similar manner but be aware that this could have negative implications on your brand and customer base. You will want to consider how you've marketed the campaign, the expectations your customers have about earning or spending rewards you have set up and have a communication plan to address the situations that canceling may cause.

When you cancel a running campaign you will be presented with the following confirmation.

If you have removed any on-site banners and social posts or promotions related to the campaign and prepared your customer communication you can click or tap "End Campaign" to cancel the campaign. All statistics and analytics will be collected and presented as if the campaign ran from start to when it ended (as opposed to when it was scheduled to end).

How to market your campaign to your program members

The most successful campaigns are promoted to build awareness and generate excitement for the event — after-all if no one knows about it, how can it be successful?

Smile campaigns provide a great simple way to notify your customers with the email and on-site notifications discussed above. We recommend you use your social channels, any existing newsletters or blog content and putting a banner on your website to augment this and further your reach. You may also choose to utilize the capabilities of your email service provider to create a sequence of emails leading up to your event to maximize its potential.


If you have any questions about this or any other Smile capability please let us know. Send your email to and we'd be happy to help you out! 😄

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