Cancel rewards based on financial status

Here's what we're covering:

  • How points are automatically deducted based on order settings
  • How canceled or refunded orders affect a member's VIP tier placement

Points are automatically deducted based on how you choose to cancel rewards. 

This means that when an order’s status changes to any of the selected conditions for cancelling rewards, all the customer's points for that order will automatically be deducted from their balance.

Your points cancellation settings can be found in the Shopify Settings section of your Smile Admin.

Under Order Settings, define how you'd like to cancel rewards by choosing your desired order financial statuses under Order Statuses.  While the default setting is to cancel rewards on Refunded orders, you can choose to change which statuses will remove points using the dropdown menu.

Note: all points for the entire order are deducted regardless of which order status you choose. There are no partial points deductions.

If an order's status is Partially refunded:

If you choose to cancel rewards for partial refunds, all points will be deducted for that order. 

You can alternatively allow customers to keep their points for partially refunded orders by not including ‘partial refund’ in the rewards cancellation settings.

Refunded orders and VIP placement 

Cancelling rewards for a specific order status also means that these orders will not be counted towards a customer’s VIP tier placement. 

For example, if you choose to cancel rewards for an order with a financial status of ‘partially refunded’, none of this order will count towards the VIP tier placement.

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