Change the visibility of the rewards launcher


Since your Launcher is where your customers interact with your rewards program, it's extremely important that it be visible on your website.

If your Launcher isn't visible on your store, you can manually change that under Display > Theme > Visibility on your Smile Dashboard.

Here's what we will cover

Where to display the Launcher

In the Visibility settings you can choose where to display your Launcher from the options provided.

The option you choose here will be reflected on your site.

📝   Pro Tip:
Make your Launcher visible to customers shopping on both desktop and mobile. This will ensure every customer has the opportunity to discover and join your rewards program!

Hiding the Launcher on specific pages

In some cases you may want to hide the Launcher on a specific page — Terms and Conditions, Contact Us or other administrative or legal content as an example. Simply enter the URLs for excluded pages into the Page Visibility section shown here:

📝   Pro Tip:
Hiding the launcher on primary and high-traffic pages will limit your customers ability to discover, join and participate in your loyalty program. Make sure that rewards are always top of mind and accessible throughout the shopping journey.
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