How customers spend points

Here's what we're covering:

  • The different ways customers can redeem points
  • Note: free product rewards are only available on our Growth plan and above.

    With Smile, your customers can redeem points in a variety of ways.


    Rewards on Shopify.

    These spending rules are broken into three categories:

    Shopify Rewards

  • Fixed amount discount ($ off)
  • Free shipping discount
  • Percentage off discount
  • Gift card (store credit)
  • Free product at checkout
  • Note: gift card rewards are only available to ShopifyPlus merchants.

    Shopify POS

  • POS fixed amount discount ($ off)
  • POS percentage discount
  • ReCharge

  • ReCharge percentage off subscription couponReCharge fixed amount subscription coupon ($ off)
  • Note: ReCharge rewards are only available on a Smile paid plan.

    You can set up any of these spending rules in the Spendingsection of your Pointsprogram.

    Rewards on Bigcommerce.

  • Free shipping
  • Store credit
  • Free product
  • Discount on order
  • Percent discount on order
  • You can set up any of these earning rules in the Spending section of your Points program
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