How customers earn points with Shopify POS

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  • How customers earn points making purchases on Shopify POS
  • Note: this tutorial is only applicable to Shopify merchants.

    When a customer makes a purchase on the Shopify POS system, you have two options for awarding them points.

    1. Search for the customer's email address while inputting their order.

    Under your customer's order, click "Add customer" and search using the customer's email address.  Once you have found the customer's correct email address, you can proceed with the checkout process.

    2. Search for the customer's email address at the end of the the transaction.

    In the top left-hand side of your Shopify POS dashboard, click on the + sign and select "Add a customer" from the dropdown menu.  Search using the customer's email address and click the correct email address to complete the checkout process.

    Note: The POS specific Earning and Spending rules must be set up in your Points section in order for customers to earn and spend on Shopify POS. 

    Adding a POS specific Earning rule:

    Adding a POS specific Spending rule:

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