How customers earn points


With Smile, you can offer your customers many ways to earn points to encourage them to complete specific behaviours, such as increasing orders, or your social media presence! By offering many ways to earn points, it can keep your customers engaged in your program!

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Types of earning rules

  • Signup (create an account) 
  • Make an order
  • Make a POS order (✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan.
  • Facebook Like 
  • Facebook Share 
  • Instagram Follow 
  • Twitter Share 
  • Twitter Follow
  • Celebrate a birthday
  • Product review (✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan, using an app integration

Custom activities

⚠️    Warning:
This requires a developer to complete! 

 This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan.

If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can also award a fixed amount of points for any type of activity that you can code for! As long as you have a developer and some know-how, you can offer a variety of options, such as reward for signing up to your newsletter, or for viewing a specific page. Our developer documentation goes over the how-to in more detail! 

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