Customize your Smile theme

What we’re covering 

  • What a Smile Theme is
  • Changes you can make to your Smile Theme
  • What is a Smile Theme?

    Your Smile Theme is where you customize all of the visual elements that allow you to build a program that reflects your brand community. This includes features like:

    • Brand colors
    • Wallpaper
    • Banner images
    • Shapes

    You can edit each of these elements from your Theme page.

    Choosing your brand colors 

    Color is one of the easiest ways for your customers to identify your brand.

    In the Colors section of your Theme you can add primary and secondary colors to your program.

    You can either use the color selection tool or enter HTML color codes to choose your color.

    📝 Pro Tip: 
    Check out what your changes will look like before you save them using the Preview area. You’ll see this area update as you apply changes to your theme.

    Once you’ve set your primary and secondary colors, you can easily apply them to other visual elements of your program like your banner, buttons, links, icons, and your launcher using the color drop-down menus.

    Once you’ve saved your changes they'll be reflected on your site.

    Adding wallpaper 

    Wallpaper adds a bit of fun to the blank space around your banner image and program cards. To add wallpaper to your panel, head to 'Display' > 'Theme' >  Wallpaper.

    Choose a pattern that best fits with your brand.

    Choosing your program’s shapes 

    You can change the look of the corners of your panel container, program cards, buttons, inputs and launcher in the Shapes section of your theme. 

    Use the drop-down menus to apply different shapes to these areas of your program.

    Add a banner image and brand icon

    ✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan. 

    Your program’s banner is the image that appears at the top of your panel. Similarly, your brand icon will appear in the top left and scroll with the member as they explore your panel.

    To add a new banner image or brand icon to your theme, head over to the Banner images area of your Theme. 

    Drag and drop your image into the appropriate image area or click the Add Image button to load one from your computer. 

    📝 Pro Tip: 

    Your banner image should be 1080 x 600 px and your brand icon should be 120 x 120 px. 

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