Invite customers to join your program


Promotion is a key component of every successful rewards program. During the setup and on-boarding of Smile all your Shopify or Bigcommerce customer account information has been pulled into our system so now it's time to invite your customers to join your loyalty program.

Here's what we're covering:

📋   Note:
This tutorial only applies to Shopify and Bigcommerce merchants. If you are using a custom integration then your development team or partner will be able to provide you with the correct instructions for that platform.

Promoting your program

Promotion is a critical piece to the successful launch of any new program, promotion, product or campaign. Your loyalty and rewards program is no different so let's make sure it gets a great start to driving the results you want. There are three main components to any winning promotion project: communication, on-site and social.

📝  Pro Tip:
Check out our blog article on the 5 Places You Need to Be Promoting a Loyalty Program to learn more tips to bring customers to your store!

Whether you use email, SMS or some other communication medium you need to get the word out to drive traffic to your store. The most effective communications strategies play out over time to build interest, urgency and demand for what you have to offer. Smile is integrated with many Email Marketing solutions to help create these sequences of communication to promote your program.

Smile app integrations are available on a Smile paid plan.

When customers visit your site you want them easily be able to discover, join and participate in your loyalty program. The Smile Launcher is part of this but so too are on-site banners, menu options and program explainer pages directly on your store.

Boathouse, Inkbox, and Sweetlegs are all great examples of on-site promotion done right.

Whether you use Instagram, Facebook or any of the other social platforms to promote your brand and create a community make sure these social channels are part of every promotion you run. Create ads, post images and use #yourfavouritehashtag to bring traffic to your store.

Don't forget to link to Smile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Creating a link directly to Join Now!

When sending your email promotions you want to make the experience as seamless as possible for your customers. Use the following URLs to land your customers directly in the create an account part of the flow.



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