Adjust a customer's points balance

The ability to adjust a customer's points balance on the fly can allow you to reward customers with adding or subtracting points manually. This can be really beneficial for your customer service team to use points as a way to delight your customers. For example, want to apologize for a slow shipping time? Add some points! That way the customer feels rewarded, recognized, and you have the benefit of getting them to buy with you again to use their points!

How to manually adjust a customer's points balance

If you would like to adjust a specific customer's points balance, you can do this by locating the customer in the Customers section of your Smile Admin.

Click "Adjust balance" on the customer's profile.  This is located under the Points heading on the right-hand side.

In the Points adjustment field, enter the number of points you want to give to the customer.  If you want to take points away, you can enter a negative number here! You can also add internal note, customer-facing notes, or both, to explain the reason for the adjustment! This can help you keep track of why the adjustment was

Click Adjust points to update the customer's points balance.

Note: This manual adjustment does not email the customer so if you want to notify the customer, you'll have to do this outside of Smile.

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