Parts of a Smile VIP program

✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan. 

Here's what we're covering:
  • The different components of a Smile VIP program
  • A Smile VIP program is made up of 4 distinct parts:

    1. Dashboard

    Your Dashboard is where you can see an overview of your program.  This includes your program's Latest VIP Activity and your VIP Tiers.

    2. Tiers

    The Tiers page is where you can edit and set your program's VIP Tiers.  You can also see how many members each tier has and which rewards & perks are available.

    Note: if you would like customers to earn more points per dollar spent depending on their tier, this must be set as an earning action in your Points program.

    3. Activity

    Your referral program's Activity page allows you to see when customers entered a new tier.  You also have the option to filter by specific tiers and export your program activity.

    4. Settings

    The Settings section is where you can enable or disable your VIP program and set your Milestone options:

    Milestone options consist of your Milestone Type, and your Milestone period. With these settings, you can choose whether your VIP Program is based on Points earned, or revenue spent. You can also choose your revenue period to reflect "Since program start date" or a rolling 365 calendar year. You can also choose to edit your program start date.

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