Edit text fields in the Smile Panel

Here are all of the text fields that can be edited on our Starter plan and above! 

To edit these text fields, navigate to your Branding > Panel section of your Smile dashboard. You'll be able to see that you can edit the text depending on whether the customer is a Visitor who is new to your site, or a Member, who has already signed up.

Note:  You are only able to add/edit the text in the fields below - these fields do not support HTML, therefore you will not be able to link or format the text entered. 

Visitor persective:
Here you can edit the Header text:

Next, you can update the Account Creation text, that displays to customers brand new to your store:

You can then update the Points text, which tells customers about how they can earn points:

The Referrals text: 

The VIP text:

Member perspective:





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