Set an Advocate reward

Here's what we're covering:

  • What an Advocate reward is
    • How to set an Advocate reward
  • Note: a default Advocate reward of $5 is automatically set up upon activating a Smile referral program. To customize your Advocate reward, you must first delete the existing Advocate reward using the link on your Rewards page.

    Customer Advocates are the customers who send a referral URL to their friend. They can access their referral URL by clicking the launcher and scrolling down. You can see how that works here.

    The Advocate customer refers their friend by sending them their referral URL. When the Friend clicks the URL and enters their email, they will get their reward. If their Friend goes on to make a purchase, the Advocate will get their reward. 

    To set up your program's Advocate (or referral sender) reward, select Edit Reward in the Advocate Reward section of your referral program's Rewardspage.

    You then have the choice of any of the following rewards:

  • Fixed amount discount ($ off)
    • Free shipping discount
    • Percentage off discount
    • Free product at checkout
    • Points
  • 📝  Pro Tip

    If you're running the ReCharge Smile App, you can also offer a ReCharge discount as a reward!

    Select the one you'd like by clicking the "Add reward" button next to the corresponding reward.

    Fill in the required fields to complete the reward setup.  

    Note: fields may differ based on the reward selected.  

    Note: if you are a Shopify merchant, you have the option of putting conditions on when the Advocate reward may be redeemed. This could be either limiting the reward to certain product Collections or orders over a specific amount, and can be set in the Reward details section.

    Click Create to activate your reward.

    Once the reward is created, customers will be able to see it in in your customer Panel's Referral card.

    You can also choose whether customers are notified of the reward using the radio buttons in the Entry Notification section.

    ✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan. 

    Additional customization.

    You can take your Advocate reward to the next level by customizing its Display.  

    This includes:

  • Reward name
    • Reward details (shown in the customer Panel)
    • Reward instructions (included in email notification)
    • Custom reward icon
  • Once you've saved your desired Display changes, customers will be able to see them in your customer Panel and email notifications after successful referrals.

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