Set up a free shipping reward

Here's what we're covering:

  • How to set up a free shipping reward with Smile
  • You can set up a free shipping reward in the   Rewards area of your Smile

    From the Spending Rules section, click Add ways to redeem to bring you to the full list of rewards that can be added to your program. 

    Next, select the Free shipping reward from the list of rewards. 

    In the reward details section you can set:

    • The total number of points required to redeem this reward
    • The maximum shipping amount that will be covered when a customer redeems this reward (Shopify only)
    • A Reward Expiry (✅ - available on Growth plan and up) 

    Once you've filled out your reward details, click Save.

    Your new shipping reward will now appear in the Ways to Spend section of your customer panel. 

    Note: Free shipping rewards can't be locked to certain shipping rates/types or cover a percentage of shipping rate. 

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