Differences between fixed and variable rewards

Here's what we're covering:

  • The difference between fixed and variable rewards
  • Within your points program, you have the option of setting discounts as either fixed or variable rewards.  

    Understanding the difference between them will help you set up our program in the best way possible for your loyal customers.

    Fixed Rewards

    Fixed rewards are any discounts with a predetermined amount.  

    For example, giving your customers the option to redeem their points for a $5 off discount would be a fixed reward because the customer cannot influence the value of the reward.

    Variable Rewards

    Unlike fixed rewards, variable rewards do not have a predetermined amount.  Instead, they're based around a sliding points redemption scale you set in the reward's spending rules.

    Variable rewards are rounded to the nearest 100 points at time of redemption.

    For example, you could set a variable reward that rewards customers with $1 off for every 100 points spent.  In this case, a customer with 512 points could redeem 500 of their points for a $5.00 reward.

    Note: customers can redeem all of their points if redeeming for a gift card.  For example, in the illustration above the customer could redeem all 512 points for a $5.12 gift card reward.

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