Differences between fixed and variable rewards

Here's what we're covering:

  • The difference between fixed and incremental rewards
  • Within your points program, you have the option of setting discounts with either a Fixed amount of points or with Increments of points.

    Understanding the difference between them will help you set up our program in the best way possible for your loyal customers. 🚀

    Fixed amount of points

    Fixed rewards are any discounts with a predetermined amount.  

    For example, giving your customers the option to redeem their points for a $5 off discount would be a fixed reward because the customer cannot influence the value of the reward.

    Increments of Points

    Unlike fixed rewards, variable rewards do not have a predetermined amount.  Instead, they're based around a sliding points redemption scale you set in the reward's spending rules.

    Variable rewards are rounded to the nearest 100 points at time of redemption.

    For example, you could set a variable reward that rewards customers with $1 off for every 100 points spent.  In this case, a customer with 512 points could redeem 500 of their points for a $5.00 reward.

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