Smile Apps: Dotmailer

✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan. 

Here's what we're covering:

  • What dotmailer is
  • How to install the dotmailer app
  • Syncing Smile information to dotmailer

dotmailer is an email marketing app that allows you to send personalized messages to multiple channels and applications.

The dotmailer Smile app allows you to:

  • Sync your rewards program information with your dotmailer account
  • Use personalized rewards info in your email communication

How to install the dotmailer app

Step 1

Navigate to the Apps section of Smile and select the dotmailer app from the listing.

Step 2

Add your API user email and API user email to allow the two systems to sync. You can click on the link on this page to go to dotmailer to get this information.

Step 3

Once sent to the dotmailer access page, you will want to "add a new user."

Step 4

Add a description for this API (something Smile related) and give it a password. Be sure to remember this email and password since you will need them to connect Smile to dotmailer.

Step 5

Add your API user email and password to Smile and click Connect to Dotmailer.

Step 6

Decide which address book you would like to sync your rewards program information to.

Note: Smile will sync customers to the address book that you choose, regardless of whether they already exist in dotmailer.

We recommend syncing to an address book that includes all of your online store's customer accounts.

Benefits of the dotmailer and Smile app

This app allows you to create segments of contacts based on Smile reward information. Segments can be created based on any of the following properties: 

  • Customer points balances
  • Customer referral URLs
  • Customer states (membership in the program)
  • VIP tier names
  • VIP tier IDs

You can also include these properties in email templates to display an individuals unique rewards program information. 

We know you are going to create some powerful reward program emails!

💖  We'd love your feedback!

If you have any ideas about other information you would like to sync with dotmailer, please send your feedback to support@smile.ioand let us know why this information is important for your rewards program.

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