Switch to auto generated coupon codes

What we’re covering

  • The definition of an imported coupon code
  • Why our autogenerated spending rules are an improvement
  • How to switch from imported coupon codes to automatically generated coupon codes

What are imported coupon codes?

Imported coupon code spending rules require codes to be imported into Smile in order for customers to redeem for that particular reward.

  • If you run out of imported codes, customers cannot redeem until you import more
  • Bulk imported codes require an expiration date, so invalid codes may be issued to program members if the coupon code is expired

Auto Generating coupon codes

All of our spending rules can automatically generate coupon codes now as customers redeem, making the process to reward your loyal customers much easier! With our autogenerating spending rules, you also have additional features available:

  • Select a specific product collection that your rewards can discount right in-app
  • Choose a minimum order amount for the discount code to be valid
  • Include an expiry date where Smile will automatically send an expiry email to your customers! (Growth plan and above)

How can you make the switch?

You’ll need to copy the configuration of your imported spending rules to new auto generating spending rules.

For each spending rule where you have imported coupon codes:

  1. Head over to your Points > Spending page and click Add Rule
  2. Select the corresponding spending rule under Shopify Rewards
  3. Fill in the Points cost and Rewards value as they appear in the imported coupon code rule
  4. Click Create

Next, you’ll want to disable your imported coupon spending rules so only the auto generating ones are active!

  1. Click into the reward that begins with Imported under Reward type
  2. Click Disable

You’re done! 🎉

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