Choose your operating mode: On-Site messages vs Panel


The Smile user experience has two modes of operation that you can choose from depending on the complexity of your program and how you want your customers to interact with your program.

Here's what we're covering:

What are on-site messages?

On-site messages are prompts to your customers to inform them about your rewards program at key moments of their shopping experience without feeling intrusive!

When a customer first visits your site to shop, they'll be greeted by an on-site message letting them know of how many points they could earn for shopping on your site, and what those points are worth in terms of a reward for that customer.

Once a customer has signed into your site, and has enough points for a reward, they'll receive an on-site message, recommending they redeem their points for a reward - letting them know how much money they could be saving. 

Then, they can apply the discount directly to their cart and carry on with their shopping experience, knowing they will now save on their next purchase!

Who should run an on-site messages program?

You should run an on-site messages program if...

  • You want a simple rewards program
    With on-site messages, you'll be able to set up one earning action and one reward.
  • You don't want a launcher or panel on your site
    We get it! Sometimes having an extra button on your site can take some valuable real estate. With the on-site messages, your customers will only see the rewards program when they need it, and not when they don't!
  • You love pioneering new features
    On-site messages is a new feature and as such, not many sites will have a program like yours. But that does mean that it's still growing into it's own, and may not be able to handle some more complexities like using third-party checkouts... yet!

Who should run a panel-based program?

You should run a panel-based program if...

  • Branding is important to you
    With a panel-based program, you can add a banner into your panel and truly make the experience feel on-brand.
  • You use a third-party checkout
    If you offer a subscription product or advanced discounting, you'll likely want to allow your customers to use their rewards on all products!
  • You want to offer a VIP program
    It's awesome to reward your extremely loyal customers to thank them for shopping with you time and time again! With a VIP program, you can do just that.
  • You want to offer many different rewards and earning actions
    Do you want to encourage your customers to share on social media? Or offer free products as a reward? With a panel-based program, your options are limitless!

How do I set up on-site messages?

When first setting up your Smile program, you'll be given the option to select On-site messages experience or the Smile Panel experience. 

📋   Note:
If you choose to run with on-site messages, you willl be able to switch to a panel program afterward, but if you select the panel experience, you will not be able to switch to on-site messages.
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