Launch Plan Checklist

1. Points Program Configuration

Points - Rewards

Suggested configuration: use the Reward type Amount Discount as multiples of 100 points = $1

Points Cost (Fixed)


$ Equivalent


  $5 off coupon



  $10 off coupon



  $25 off coupon


Points - Earning Rules

Suggested configuration: provide a points value between 3 and 5 points per dollar spent which equals to 3% - 5% back to the member, in points value.

Points Earned (Variable)

Earning Action

$ Equivalent


Place an Order: Points per $1 spent


Points Earned (Fixed)

Earning Action

$ Equivalent


 Sign up: Once



 Celebrate a birthday: Yearly



 Follow on Instagram: Once



 Like on Facebook: Once


2. Referral Program Configuration

Referral Program - Rewards

The optimal Advocate and Friend reward is a $ Fixed amount discount equal to 10% - 20% of your AOV.

Referral Action


$ Equivalent

 Advocate refers a friend

$10 off


 Friend accepts referral & completes purchase

$10 off


Launch Checklist

Activity & Time


 1. Brand the rewards panel

5-10 minutes

Customize your rewards panel to be an extension of your brand

 2. Integrate third-party apps

10-20 minutes

  1. Email marketing
  2. Customer service/support
  3. Review generation

 3. Configure Points Program

15-30 minutes

Spending rules equal to 100 points = $1.

Place an order configuration gives members 3x to 5x their purchase in points (E.g. $50 order = 150 points at 3 points per dollar) excl. Taxes and shipping

  • Three $ off coupons: E.g. $5, $10, $25

 4. Referral Program

10 minutes

Adjust the $ off discount reward to equal 10% of your store AOV

 6. Pre-Launch Points Import - Help

30 minutes

Reward your existing members. All customers with a Store account are Smile members; reward them with a bulk points import, equal to the sign-up points

  • Filter Customers by Member and Export from Smile
  • Delete all Columns except Email and Points Balance
  • Rename Points Balance to points and put 250 in all rows
  • Change Email to email and Adjust the points totals in-app

7. Promote program

30 minutes

Promote the rewards program via email using a CTA to the account creation page

  • Email your customers and let them know about the program
  • Include details about the points program referral program and VIP program.

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