Previously, referrals were only able to be made by members of your rewards program. Smile has recently released Guest Referrals - which will allow all customers (including candidates) to refer their friends your store. This article will provide the steps on how to enable Guest referrals in your store - so you can allow non-members of the rewards program to engage and become your brand advocates!

This feature is available for merchants on Shopify only.

Here's what we're covering:

📝 Pro Tip:
If you are using an integration with an email service provider, the same variable can be used in your communications to both members and candidates to share their referral URL. For example, #{{person|lookup:'Smile Referral URL'|default:"}}, in Klaviyo, Bronto, or MailChimp.

How to enable Guest Referrals

Step 1: Login to Smile admin. If you see the below banner in your homepage - click 'Enable guest referrals'

Step 2: If you do not see the above banner – Head over to Program > Referrals > Settings

Step 3: Click 'Enable' in the 'Guest referrals' section.

📋 Note:
You can click 'Preview' to take a look at what the On-site message will look like for your customers. Please note that this message can not be edited at this time.

Step 4: Click 'Save'

How to disable Guest Referrals

Step 1: Head over to Program > Referrals > Settings

Step 2: Click 'Disable' in the 'Guest referrals' section.

Guest Referrals from a customer's perspective

When your customer finishes a purchase, they will get the below on-site message on the 'thank you' page. If they would like to refer their friends - they can share their referral link by copying the link, or by using Facebook, Twitter, or email.

The 'Friend' who receives the referral URL will just have to open the link - and enter their email address to collect the 'Friend' Reward.

Once the Friend makes a purchase - the customer who made the referral will receive the advocate reward in an email.

📋 Note:
In order to have Guest Referrals turned on – your 'Advocate' reward cannot be a points reward – since advocates who do not have accounts will not be able receive points rewards. Any other reward type is perfectly acceptable though whether that's $ discount, % off, or free product ( Smile paid plan).

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