✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan.

Here's what we're covering:

  • How to set up VIP tiers

  • Customizable elements of a VIP tier

📋 Note:
do not continue with this tutorial unless your VIP program has been enabled.

It's impossible to run a tiered program without VIP tiers, making this an extremely crucial step of your program's setup.

In the Tiers section of your VIP program, you will see the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers ready for you to edit.

Select the tier that you'd like to edit by clicking on the tier.

You will then have the option of customizing the following VIP tier elements:

Milestone (what a customer must complete in order to enter the tier)

Tier name

Tier logo

Entry rewards (awarded to customers once they enter the tier)


Entry notifications (whether a customer will be notified of their new status)

📝 Pro Tip:
An effective VIP tier name motivates customers to work towards it and creates a sense of prestige when someone achieves it.

Fill in the required fields to complete the earning action setup.

Once you've saved your changes and enabled your program, customers will be able to see it in in your customer panel's VIP card and begin interacting with its perks, rewards, and earning conditions.

Pro tip: Setting up base rewards such as VIP tier-specific earning conditions (i.e. double points for VIP members) is a great, ongoing way to have Smile automatically reward VIP customers!

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