Customers who do not have accounts can now redeem their points in the panel for rewards. Changing the program participant settings will allow all customers to engage in your store's loyalty program.

This feature is available on all Smile Plans but only for those in the beta testing program.
📋 Note: If your store does not have customer accounts, you need to activate this setting in order for customers to use the loyalty program.

How to Activate All Customer Participation

How Customers Access their Points Balance and Rewards

How to Activate All Customer Participation

In Smile Admin head to the Settings (Bottom Left) then click on Program Participants. On the Program Participants page, you can change which customers can engage with which parts of the program. Check out this doc for details on the other settings.

Select All customers. Wait for 15 minutes for Smile UI to reflect the changes made. After that, you're all set!

How Customers Access their Points Balance and Rewards

There are two ways customers can access their loyalty information and redeem rewards. They can log in on your store's account registration page. They can also log directly into the panel with just their email address. This action will send an email to the customer with a link. If the link is clicked within the hour it will send the customer to your store's homepage and the panel will change to reflect their loyalty information.

Customers can log in using their e-mail if they have already made a purchase or they will need to create an account on your store.

⚠️ Warning: New customers will not be able to log in. If they haven't made a purchase before they will need to make an account.

All third-party integrations with earning rules will also now work with guests.

For example:

  • If your store has an integration with a review platform like, guests will now be able to earn points for leaving reviews even if they don't have an account

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