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How do I p​hase out a points program?

  1. You can stop points earning so that customers won't earn any more points for orders or actions but can still redeem their points for rewards.

  2. If you have an email marketing system like Klaviyo or Mailchimp I would integrate it with Smile to allow you to email your customers letting them know that the loyalty program is ending and encouraging them to spend their points and use their rewards.

  3. Use all your marketing channels to let customers know they have limited time to take advantage of the loyalty program

  4. Set a date for stopping and deactivate the points and referral parts of your program and hide it from your store. You can then email us and we will drop you down to the free plan ensuring you don't get charged again

  5. once you are on our free plan you can decide if you want to delete the app completely or keep it so you have the data available should you need it.

What can I see under the 'Your Activity' section of the panel?

Customers can see their points redemption history, including their points earned, and points adjusted by you; past referral activity and the VIP tiers that they achieved and/or were removed from!

Note: If you decide to test the live functionality of Smile before launching the program, which entails setting the visibility of the launcher to "None" and disabling Smile email notifications while enabling the points/referral program, customers can still earn points. If you decide to manually reset everyone’s points to 0 with a points import, when they do sign up - if they happen to click into the "points history" section, they'll just see that their points were removed, then added back to their account.

Why isn't 'Like on Facebook' isn't directing customers to the page properly?

This happens when the Facebook page requires the customer to be logged in in order to view it. Pages must be fully public for Smile's "Like on Facebook" feature to work.

How do I change my points currency name?

To update your points currency, go to Programs > Points in your Smile Admin - then scroll down to find the Points branding section.

You can opt to add a singular or plural name to your points to ensure the points branding is correct when talking about 1 point vs multiple points.

Do earning rule changes affect orders placed in the past?

If you change the value of your 'Place an order' rule - it will not retroactively change points for any previous orders placed.

How are points are rewarded for gift card purchases?

Gift card purchases on Shopify:

  • Does a customer earn points when they buy a gift card? When a customer purchases a gift card from your store they will not earn points for the purchase. The points are earned by the recipient of the gift card when they go to spend it.

  • Does a customer earn points when they use a gift card? Points are issued when the gift card is used to make a purchase, not when the gift card is initially purchased. Note: This is done to prevent points from being awarded twice during the gift card purchase process.

Gift card purchases on BigCommerce:

  • Does a customer earn points when they buy a gift card? When a customer purchases a gift card from your store they will earn points for the purchase.

  • Does a customer earn points when they use a gift card? Points are not issued when the gift card is used to make a purchase. Note: This is done to prevent points from being awarded twice during the gift card purchase process.

Are you able to integrate with Rise.AI?

We are not able to integrate with the Rise.AI gift card app currently.

Can I offer gift cards as rewards?

Customers can redeem points via Gift Cards on our Growth plan and up - they’ll be able to add ‘Gift card’ as a reward type in ‘Program’ > ‘Points’ > ‘Ways to redeem

How do I exclude customers from loyalty program?

You can exclude customers from a loyalty program by Tag:

If your store is on Shopify and BigCommerce on the Growth plan and above you have access to this feature. You can exclude customers in bulk using a Shopify tag or BigCommerce customer group.

The tag or customer group can be added in Settings > Platform > Customer Settings

You can exclude Customers from your loyalty program individually:

You can exclude customers individually by going into Smile admin > Customers then clicking the 'Exclude from program' button:

How do I exclude shipping or taxes from the rewardable total?

If your store is on Shopify or BigCommerce you can have customers not earn points for the amount paid for shipping & taxes of an order by changing your Settings > Platform > Order Settings

For WIX - you cannot see/edit their rewardable total - by default your customers will not earn points for Taxes, Shipping, or discounts.

Can points be applied retroactively to past purchases?

When you install Smile - we do not automatically reward points retroactively for orders that were placed before the program was enabled. Points are only rewarded after the points program/earning rule has been enabled.

You can apply points retroactive if you want - you’ll just need their customers' emails - and their total spend amount to create a CSV points import - Import points via CSV file.

How do bulk points adjustments work?

You can use this feature to:

  • transfer points over from a different loyalty program

  • import a starting balance for customers based on their previous spending amount

  • bulk provides bonus points to a bunch of customers at once

  • bulk subtract points for a bunch of customers at once (if there's been an incorrect import, or other issue with customer's points).

How do I import points from another program to move to Smile?

To import points, you will want to create a CSV with 2 columns: email, and points - here's how to import:

Note that the column headings will need to be email and points exactly (i.e. lower case, no additional words. If you do Email, Points Balance - it will not work).

In a bulk adjustment, what is the difference between replacement / addition / subtraction?

When importing points - you can choose between Add points to existing customer balances; or Reset existing customer balances.

If you choose 'Add points to existing customer balances' - the amount on the CSV will get added to the customer's current points balance. The you can also import negative points to subtract the amount from the customer's current points balance.

If you choose 'Reset existing customer balances' - the customer's points will be reset to the amount on the CSV.

How can people earn points?

Points Program:


  • Online - Customers can earn points for x points per $1 spent (incremental), or X points per purchase (fixed).

  • POS - customers can earn points for their POS purchases if the you uses Shopify POS. Customer must provide an email address at checkout in order to earn points.


  • Based on customer's clicks in the panel - we do not actually track if the customer follows through on the action.


  • Customers must enter their birthdate through the rewards panel at least 30 days before their birthday in order to earn points on their birthday.


  • Customers can earn points by creating an account on your site. They can do this through the your account registration page.


This refers to any earning rules that can only be added if the your has an integration with a certain app.


For example, review apps like Okendo,, Loox, and more offer earning rules for reviews. Each app has a slightly different process when it comes to earning points for reviews - most of the time customers need to have made an actual purchase, and review their purchased products through a 'Review request' email sent by the review app in order to earn points.


If you integrate with Privy - you can reward points to customers for form submissions.

Cause Marketing

If you integrate with Shop for Good - they can reward points to customers for making donations.

Can I give points for purchases made prior to installing Smile?

We do not currently offer retroactive points for orders that occurred before you installed Smile at this time. However, if you want customers to earn points for their past purchases - you can do so through the CSV bulk upload feature. To import points, create a CSV with 2 columns: email, and points - here's how to import: Import points with a CSV file

What can I do if I do not have customers' email addresses to import?

Smile does not support importing points through phone number records. Currently the only way to import points is with email addresses only. Customers wouldn’t be able to earn/spend points in our system unless they have email addresses associated with their accounts. Note: Creating ‘fake’ email addresses for each customer is not a viable workaround.

How do I adjust customers points balances right in the search bar?

Look up a customer's name/email address in the top search bar in Smile admin to quickly adjust a customer's points balance.

How can I exclude subscription products from earning points?

With API Access It would have to be something very very custom and would kind of defeat the purpose of using Smile (ie you wouldn’t have our earning rules added, and would need to have their own logic setup that awards points for all orders except for subscription orders).

Without API Access If you’re on Shopify Plus, you could add shopify flow earning rules for all their products except subscription products. That would still be pretty complex to setup but much easier than using the API

How do I adjust points for a customer?

If you would like to adjust a specific customer's points balance, you can do this by locating the customer in the Customers section of your Smile Admin.

Click Adjust balance on the customer's profile. This is located under the Points heading on the right-hand side.

In the Points adjustment field, enter the number of points you want to give to the customer. If you want to take points away, you can enter a negative number here (i.e. -10). You can also add internal notes, customer-facing notes, or both, to explain the reason for the adjustment. This can help you keep track of why the adjustment occurred.

Click Adjust points to update the customer's points balance.

Is there any way to apply points to an existing order and have the customer's credit card credited for the amount off?

For this there is a workaround only:

  • You can go in and spend their points for the customer in Smile admin,

  • Use the coupon code in a test order to mark it used

  • Issue a refund.

Or if you don't mind that the code is created/used, you can just reduce their points balance by the amount the coupon would have cost, then issue a refund.

How do I set up custom earning or rewarding actions?

This is only available to you on the Smile Plus Plan.

Filling out a Survey for a reward

There are 2 options for you to “notify us” when a custom completes a custom activity:

  • Through a JavaScript event (we provide the JavaScript code in the custom activities section for them to copy & use

  1. This would work for them if you create the form on their site, you could embed this script into the “submit” button of the form so when customers complete the form and hit submit, they’re letting us know we can award this customer.

One thing to note is that the customer does need to be logged in on the site to be able to have the activity be associated to them.

  1. This would work if you can build something from the backend that can detect when the form has been filled out, then trigger the api request along with the customer’s ID to award the points.

Is there a way to reward points for product reviews?

This is something that becomes available through an app integration on our Starter plan and above. We integrate with Okendo,, Loox, and more (you can take a look at the full list by going to Once you integrate with one of these apps - you'll be able to setup earning rules for reviews.

  • This app allows you to set order limits to how many reviews customers can earn points with.

  • Reviews must be left via the link in an email sent to the customer for the points to be added to their account otherwise the you may have to add the points manually

  • For, currently it’s not possible to separate points earning between text/photo reviews. built the integration - and they only built it with the one earning rule type (write a product review).

Good to know...

  • For anything to do with the actual review the review app would be the people to reach out to. Smile doesn't deal with the review side of things, the review app just lets us know that a review has been submitted that matches all the requirements to trigger the earning action and the customer earns their points.

One thing to note is that this earning action doesn't take the content of the review into account so points will be rewarded for a 5-star review as well as a 1-star review as long as the earning action rules are met

How's the rewardable total calculated?

The rewardable total is calculated based on your settings in Settings > Platform > Order Settings

You can include/exclude points here for taxes, shipping, discounts used...etc.

The grand total would be what the customer actually paid you for the order including shipping & taxes.

Are rewards are automatically redeemed?

Smile does not automatically redeem rewards for customers. When customers have enough points - they'll want to login to your site - go to the rewards launcher and choose which reward they would like to redeem.

Good to know

Once a customer has redeemed points for a reward but has not yet used the reward, it will show up in their panel to be redeemed.

Can I edit Terms and Conditions?

The rewards terms and conditions on the bottom of notifications will automatically be replaced with any conditions added to the rewards setup by you. (E.g. it will say if the reward has an expiry date, a collection specification, a minimum purchase amount...etc.)

Can I offer free Product Rewards for a Hidden Product?

You can offer a free product reward for something that isn't showing on your store. This is possible and easy to set up in Shopify only. This is also an option if you want a charity option for customers to spend points on. You would need to make a product called Charity and manage the payment to the charity themself.

Steps to set up:

  1. Log into Shopify Admin and go to Products > Add Product.

  2. Create the product you want to offer. Include price of the product and other normal attributes for distribution and inventory.

  3. Product must be Active and available on the Online Store.

  4. DO NOT add a collection and DO NOT add variants. The customer will not be able to pick anything other than the default.

  5. The description and media will not be visible to the customer.

  6. Press Save when finished.

  7. Make sure all other products that are visible on the store are in collections.

  8. Go to Online Store > Navigation > Main Menu. Make sure that if you link to all products, change it to all collections. If you have all products listed, then the "hidden" product will be visible and customers will be able to buy it. If you have collections linked instead. Anything not in a collection will be hidden.

  9. Log into Smile Admin and go to Program > Points > Add new ways to redeem > Free Product.

  10. Either search for the product or type in its name exactly. Set up the rules and make sure to assign an equal amount of points for its price. So if the product os $10, assign it 1000 points.

  11. Hit Create when done.

How do I cancel / undo a points redemption?

You have the ability to cancel point redemptions that customers have made. Here's how they can do that:

Note that this is only available for rewards generated by points redemption - if you want to cancel a reward from a referral - you would have to cancel the entire referral.

For deleting coupons in Shopify

If you remove the coupon code from Shopify Discounts then the only way to delete this in Smile too is to use the 'refund points' feature. Smile has no way of tracking whether a code is deleted in Shopify or not.

A workaround would be for you to use the coupon on a dummy order so it is classed as Used to remove it from the customers panel.

Can I have a mix of expiring and non-expiring rewards?

Points expiry is fixed - this cannot be changed between different customers.

Rewards can have their own expiry dates - you can choose to have your rewards expire in 6 months or 1 year, depending on the reward.

Note that the advocate (referring customer) reward has different expiry dates available.

How does Reward expiry work?

Reward expiry is set for each individual reward. This is also only available on Growth and Plus Plans. Note that the referring customer reward has different expiry periods available.

Normal rewards expiry

Can be 6 months or a year

Referring customer reward expiry (advocate reward)

Can be 30 or 60 days

How does points expiry work?

Points expiry

Points expiry is part of the Growth Plan and Plus Plan. You can choose to have points expire in 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years - as well as choose when you'd like to send out points expiry reminder notification emails.

There are 2 emails - one to remind customers that their points are about to expire (default is set to 30 days before points expire), and the other is an additional 'Last chance' reminder (default is set to 3 days before points expire).

Customers will lose their points if they've had no points activity (earning or spending) for the set expiration time period. As long as the customer spends their points or earns more points, their points expiry period will reset - and they'll have a full 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years until their points might expire again.

If you manually adjust a customers points, will the new points adjustment will expire following a period of inactivity?

Should you manually adjust a customers points, the new points adjustment will expire from a period of inactivity.

A manual points adjustment is considered a points related transaction and it will reset the the expiry period for that particular customer.

Eg- If you manually add points today, points should start expiring again around today's date next year provided there aren't any points transactions or manual adjustments before that time if the points expiry is set to 1 year

  • If you haven't activated points expiry yet, but have existing customers with points in their accounts, if they activate points expiry, pre-existing customers will not be notified that their points will expire.

  • Points expiry works on both online and Shopify POS

  • Points expiry is set on the UTC timezone which may mean that merchants in timezones could have points expire a day earlier/later than the timezone their store is located on. Currently there is no fix for this.

  • If you are on the Growth plan and downgrades to the starter plan, points expiry will be deactivated and all customers will lose expiry on their points. Should you upgrade again to Growth then the points expiry will be reinstated from the most recent upgrade, not the original.

How do I work out the exact expiry date for a specific customer’s points?

6 months = 182 days from the day points were earned

1 year = 365 days from the day points were earned

2 years = 730 days from the day points were earned

Can rewards expiry be extended for a specific customer?

Rewards expiry cannot be extended. If you want, you can create a new coupon code for the same amount for the customer through your ecommerce platform (Shopify/BigCommerce/WIX).

If you want to extend a specific customer's points expiry - you would just have to adjust the customer's points to reset the customer's 'last points transaction' date. Then you can add some points to the customer's profile, then remove the points again to extend the points expiry for another expiry period.

How does coupon status work? If I need to mark coupon codes as used in Smile, what steps can I follow?

You might want to mark coupon codes once they have been used by customers.

Deleting or disabling the code from Shopify will not cause to mark the code as cancelled / Used in Smile, it will continue to show "unused". To mark the code as used or cancelled:

  • To mark a code generated from the points program as cancelled, you can cancel points redemption, however, points used to redeem the discount code will be returned to the customer's points balance. Since they have manually applied the discount to the order, it makes no sense of doing this (this would not work for codes generate from Referrals or VIP)

  • To mark the discount code as "Used" - you need to take the code and used it on a dummy order.

Why is there an error message when applying coupon code at checkout?

A customer enters a coupon code into the checkout and gets an error message: If a code was generated in Smile and you are unable to see it in Shopify it is likely that the code has been deleted (either on purpose or by accident from a team member). For the code to work again, you’ll just want to re-add the code in Shopify > Discounts

How do I deactivate coupons if I have manually adjusted an order?

If a customer has an issue with an order that has an already generated coupon code and you need to manually add the discount, leaving the coupon code still useable. You would need to navigate here on the Shopify side of things to deactivate the code.

How do I delete a code in Shopify?

If you delete a coupon code in Shopify it still exists in Smile. it will show available in Smile regardless. The code cannot be used, but it is still available to see (usually appears greyed out). To delete it in Smile, the code has to show ‘used'. To do this you will have to do a dummy order and use the coupon within the order to show as 'used' and remove it from Smile.

How do Order Statuses work?

In Smile Admin > Customers > Orders section for each customer, we only show 4 statuses:

  • 🟩 a green 'Paid' status represents the order hitting one of the 'Reward customers when...' statuses in Settings > Platform > Order Settings:

  • 🟨 a yellow 'Authorized' status means that we've got the order, but it hasn't hit one of the 'Reward customers when....' or 'Cancel rewards when....' statuses yet (essentially a status that's not in the Reward customers when.... OR the Cancel rewards when.... statuses)

  • ⬜️ a grey 'Refunded' or 'Partially refunded' status that shows the order has hit one of the 'Cancel rewards when....' statuses in Settings > Platform > Order Settings

Shopify and BigCommerce have different order statuses that the merchant can choose from for the Reward customers when.... OR the Cancel rewards when.... settings.

Available Statuses for Shopify Merchants:

  • Authorized

  • Pending

  • Paid

  • Partially Paid

  • Refunded

  • Voided

  • Partially Refunded

Available Statuses for BigCommerce Merchants:

  • Incomplete

  • Pending

  • Shipped

  • Partially Shipped

  • Refunded

  • Canceled

  • Declined

  • Awaiting Payment

  • Awaiting Pickup

  • Awaiting Shipment

  • Completed

  • Awaiting Fulfillment

  • Manual Verification Required

  • Disputed

WIX merchants do not have control over these settings. We award when their orders are marked as Paid - and cancel rewards when orders hit Refunded.

If you have your platform settings to award when the order status is Shipped BUT your VIP program is configured to promote customers of $ spent then the we only include orders that are in a paid status in our system. so in effect, if you have it setup to reward an order once it has been “Shipped”, then in our system, once the order has shipped it will be recorded as paid and be rewarded for and start counting towards VIP $ spent.

The Smile system only has 4 order statuses:

  1. nil

  2. paid <-- Issue rewards

  3. partially_refunded

  4. refunded <-- Revoke rewards

BigCommerce or Shopify settings actually just control how the order status in the ecommerce platform gets translated into one of the four above.

What happens if a coupon is used that exceeds the order limit?

If a customer orders a product and uses a coupon code but the order total exceeds the coupon amount then no money is refunded and no points are returned to the customer.

eg - Order total: $40 Coupon amount: $50 The $10 is forfeited and no points are returned to the customer and they will not receive any monetary refund for this.

Smile generates a coupon that is single-use, it can only be used in one transaction, regardless if the full amount of the discount is applied or not. In Shopify (not Smile) you can create coupons that can be used an unlimited amount of times. In this case, there still is no "balance" like there would be on a gift card. The coupon will be worth the same amount each time it is used.

How do Free Shipping Rewards work?

Free shipping rewards can't be locked to certain shipping rates/types or cover a percentage of the shipping rate. You can set the maximum shipping amount that will be covered when a customer redeems this reward.

The way free shipping works: it discounts the amount the customer would pay for a delivery, and it doesn't change any delivery options.

If customers pay for delivery this is what would be discounted to $0.

The name of the Free Shipping coupon can be changed on all paid plans

How do Free Product Rewards with Variants work?

Sometimes products have multiple variants like sizes, colors, or options. These products can still be used with a Free Product reward. You can select as many of the variants to be used for the reward; as long as the variants all cost the same. Unfortunately, this DOES NOT WORK with BigCommerce and Wix.

If your store is within the Big Commerce platform and you add a product with variants as a free product reward, customers will not be able to use the "Add product to cart" button. When clicked it will just spin and not actually add anything to the cart.

For WIX merchants -you do not currently have free product rewards that they can add to their programs or referrals

Free product reward can only be used on one-off purchases and not applied or given alongside Recharge subscriptions.

How do I fix an error for Collection specific rewards?

When you are setting up a reward and click the toggle to make a reward collection specific but does not select a collection from the dropdown list, customers will not be able to redeem the reward and it will display the following error message: Your reward could not be delivered. Please try again. To fix this: You will have to select a specific collection from the list and Save, or click the button beside Entire order and use that option instead. A customer will never be able to redeem a reward if the specific collection option is selected without choosing an actual collection.

Good to know

If a customer has 3 items in their cart and only 2 of the items in the cart are eligible for reward but one is not the expected behaviour should be that the two items in the cart eligible for the reward will receive a discount.

You would need to make sure you have a minimum purchase amount and the two items eligible for discount must be more than the minimum purchase amount.

For example: if you have a $5 off coupon that has a minimum spend of $20, only eligible for products in the ‘T-Shirts’ collection - then the 2 eligible items in the order will have to at least be $20 for the coupon to work, regardless of how much the un-eligible item costs

Will Smile scripts still load if programs are disabled?

Yes! If you disable your points, referrals, and/or programs, our scripts will continue to be injected into the store, and Smile UI (and Smile JS) will also still initialize.


This is because the only way we can tell if we need to show the Launcher, any Prompts etc. is by running some code on the store to check your program's configuration.

Can we change the z-index value of the launcher?

Unfortunately, Smile's Z-index (the index that determines which layer the app appears on) is very high, and cannot be changed. This is why it will always show on top of other apps.

Is it possible to hide the launcher only in the Homepage?

If you have a developer team, you might be able to find a way to hide the launcher on the homepage using CSS. Please note that this is not something that we recommend as it creates a dependency on our team to maintain/fix issues related to custom CSS that their team may have added, and additionally could result in things breaking/not behaving as intended.

What we recommend:

  • Hide the launcher completely from their website. See how to do it here.

  • Add "Rewards" in the navigation bar and footer and use deep links. Here is a merchant example: Doe Lashes - Hidden Smile launcher (activate via "Rewards" tab in the header)

How do I change the panel and launcher text?


The launcher can have an icon with text, an icon only, or text only. If you would like to have text as part of your launcher, you can edit it here under branding > launcher > then select the layout you would like and set the text. Additional information on how to change the launcher can be found here. For the size of the launcher and icons, you can navigate to this link


On Smile paid plans, there are a number of changes you can make to the text and order of the sections in your panel. If you would like to change the text or order of sections in your panel, you can edit this here under branding > panel > then select the area you would like to modify. There are different views for a logged-in member or a visitor and you can see a great preview of how this will look like as you work. Full details on all of the modifications you can make can be found here.

Currently no text can be changed on the page where the coupon code is presented to the customer. eg - everything in grey (outside of the coupon code itself) below.

How do I change the name of my program?

You can change the name of your program by going to Branding > Panel > Headerhere and then updating the title of your program . You can get more detail on how to do this in this article.

How do I add a header image to the panel?

On Smile paid plans you can add a banner image to the top of the panel. To add a new banner image, head over to the Banner images area of your Theme. Your banner image should be 1080 x 600 for best results. More info on panel branding for paid plans can be found here:

How do I change launcher and panel colours?

Free Plan Panel Colours

If you are on the free plan, you can choose the colors that you want for your panel background and buttons by going to Branding > Theme > Colors

Paid Plan Panel Colours

If you are on our paid plans, the Colors section of your Theme is where you can add primary and secondary colors to your program. Once you’ve set your primary and secondary colors, you can easily apply them to other visual elements of your program like your banner, buttons, links, icons, and your launcher using the color drop-down menus.

Launcher Colour

Your Launcher color can be changed in the Theme section of your Display.

Can I hide the launcher in my store and use a link to redirect customers to the loyalty program?

If you do not wish to have the launcher appearing on your site or if you are looking for a link that you can share in an email or social post that will bring customers to your loyalty program details, Smile deep links are a great option. You can learn more about deep links here.

Can I apply Smile to a theme that isn't live?

You can manually add Smile code to a theme that isn't live by following a guide that the technical team can share with you

Or, if you're on Shopify 2.0 - you can turn on the app embed setting for Smile in that theme by following this guide -

Why aren't my visibility changes aren't taking effect?

If you have made changes to Smile > Branding and those aren't taking effect. In other words, what you see in Smile > Admin doesn't match what's showing on the storefront.

The cause is for performance reasons, visibility changes are cached (this basically means that when any user views the launcher / panel on the store, they are served a pre-saved version). This doesn't affect the preview that Admins see in Smile > Branding.

The cache refreshes every ~15 minutes. Therefore, it can take up to 15 minutes between the merchant changing their visibility settings, and actually being able to see them on the store.

What elements get cached?

Most visible elements are cached, such as:

  • Visibility rules (eg: hidden on mobile / specific pages)

  • Colours / images

  • Positioning

Can parts of the panel be embedded into a store’s theme?

Embed points balance

Currently - only Shopify and BigCommerce merchants can embed the customers' points balance to their theme. : Styling the embedded points/the actual embedding of the points is something Smile is unable to support as each theme is different. If you need help with implementing this, you'll need to reach out to your theme developer.

Smile JS

You can also embed parts of the panel if you have access to the API feature (available on the Plus plan only) through Smile.js’s API. Check out this help doc

Deep links

Deep links are where you can have a link to the rewards panel that you can place anywhere you want on the site instead of having to rely on the launcher. This way, the merchant can build their own CTA wherever they want, and turn off the visibility of the launcher.

How do I move or hide the launcher / panel?

Move Launcher

You can move the launcher by going to Branding > Theme > Placement.

The ability to edit the placement of the mobile launcher becomes available on the paid plans.

Hide Launcher (and on specific pages)

You can hide the launcher by going to 'Branding' > 'Theme' > 'Visibility'

On the free plan, the only option would be to hide the launcher on mobile.

On the paid plans, you can choose to show the launcher on desktop & mobile, desktop only, or none (hidden entirely):

You can also choose to hide the launcher on specific pages by including the URL path (only the part of the URL after the domain is needed) in the Page Visibility settings:

How does Smile integrate with headless stores ?

When talking about “headless,” we mean any store that uses Shopify, Wix, or BigCommerce to process orders and handle customer accounts, but that does not use the default frontend/store/checkout provided by their eCommerce platform.

In most cases, a “headless” implementation will mean some kind of custom Javascript app that serves the storefront + checkout experience customers interact with while shopping. This kind of implementation can technically still work with Smile, but comes with a few limitations:

  1. Smile.js (which provides the rewards panel + launcher) must be manually included, as described in our docs.

  2. Panel + launcher rely on regular page reloads to update and refresh customer information. We do not recommend or provide technical support for using Smile with single page apps (however some merchants have seen success manually reloading the customer object on page change).

  3. Nudges (i.e. signup, refer after checkout, etc) may not show up/behave as expected, as they are based on the URL structure of the target eCommerce platform

Other than the above, all program types and regular functionality of the panel + launcher are still available in a headless setup. Currently, deep links to open the panel to a specific section are available for the following sections:

Note that with regards to deep links, we currently have one for referrals, but not VIP. Smile.js can only be used from the front end. API can be used from any back end.

Will the rewards system still work if an order is placed on the headless integration?

So long as orders + customer accounts are being processed & managed by Shopify, Smile will be able to issue rewards when orders are placed.

Is manual reloading required?

Manual reloading is not required on the checkout page (since the Smile launcher + panel aren’t included on the Shopify checkout page anyway). It’s required on every other page of the website when using a headless integration (i.e. on the homepage or on the catalogue pages while the customer is browsing for items to purchase, since this is where they’ll interact with the Smile panel + launcher). If the panel + launcher aren’t reloaded as the customer navigates from page to page then you risk the information shown in the panel being out of date.

Is the information passes manually or automatically from the headless integration to smile after an order is placed?

Smile relies on webhooks from Shopify to process orders and update customer information. When Smile is connected to a Shopify store we receive these webhooks automatically, so there is no need to pass any additional information manually.

How do I remove program name/insert blank space?

If you'd like to remove the text on the panel header and have your loyalty program name as a banner image.

Here's what you will need to do, go to > Branding -> Panel -> Header

There is no way to simply remove it so a workaround is offered:


  1. Delete all text/characters within the text boxes

  2. Navigate to and scroll down until you see this

  3. Click copy to clipboard and paste that into both Caption and Title boxes back in the Smile App

Can I change fonts?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the font at this time in order to offer the best possible customer experience.

The fonts that we currently use in the panel are:

How do I change points and rewards icons?

You can have the ability to add custom icons for ways to earn as well as ways to redeem. In the Smile admin, go to 'Programs' > 'Points' > 'Ways to earn', or 'Ways to redeem'. Click the earning action or reward that you would like to upload a custom icon for. Then, under the Icon section, select Upload your own. For more detailed instructions and images, you can check out this article:

What determines which reward appears in the "Next reward" section in the panel?

If you want to change the reward that appears on the launcher here in the red box for example then you would need to make sure whatever reward is there is the next achievable one (based on the amount of points that the customer has, and how many points are required to redeem the next available reward).

Note: The ordering here is fairly arbitrary - favoring fixed rewards over variable, then variable rewards with no minimum spend over those with a minimum spend.

Can you sort/change and/or rearrange the order of ways to earn/redeem?

No - the ways to earn and ways to redeem are sorted mostly by points value (there are some exceptions), and isn't something that the merchant can change or re-order.


  • For ways to earn: the signup rule will show up first, and the place an order rule will show up second on the list. The rest will be ordered by points value.

How do I cancel Referrals?

Cancelling a pending referral

A referral is marked pending when an Advocate’s Friend has entered their email to claim their referral reward code, but has not yet placed an order with their code. Cancelling a referral in the pending state will:

  • Prevent the Advocate from receiving a referral code if the Friend places an order.

  • Mark the reward code that has been issued to the Friend as cancelled. They will still be able to see the code in their email, but it will not be use-able

  • For Shopify merchants, Shopify discount codes generated by Smile for the Friend will be voided so they can no longer be used.

Cancelling a completed referral

A referral is marked completed when an Advocate’s Friend has entered their email to claim their referral code and the Friend has placed an order. Cancelling a referral in the completed state will:

  • Cancel the Advocate and Friend’s reward code.

  • Adjust the points balance for the Friend and Advocate if they earned points for the referral.

  • For Shopify merchants, reward codes generated by Smile for the Advocate and Friend will be voided

How to cancel a referral

Navigate to the customer who's referral you would like to cancel, and select Cancel Referral:

Once you’ve cancelled a referral it will be moved to the “cancelled” referrals column in your “All Referrals” grid.

📝 Pro Tip: A referral cancellation cannot be undone, so make sure you’ve selected the right referral before you cancel.

Note: there are three instances where a referral will automatically be cancelled by Smile:

  • If you remove a customer from your program, any of their pending referrals will be cancelled.

  • If a customer is deleted, any of their pending referrals will be cancelled.

  • If an order is refunded, any referrals associated with that order will be cancelled.

Can we remove/edit the "Apply code" button from the launcher?

The only way to get the 'Apply code' button removed would be to use the 'Imported discount code' feature. Instead of us automatically generating coupon codes for you through Shopify - you'll need to pre-generate a bulk of coupon codes through Shopify - then import those into Smile. When a customer redeems a reward that has imported codes - the button will say 'Copy Code' instead of 'Apply Code'.

How do I remove code after uninstalling in Shopify?

Just need to delete the {% include 'smile-initializer' %} from the footer of the theme.liquid and the entire smile-initializer.liquid snippet on Shopify.

Will changing Shopify Themes change anything in Smile?

We generally work with all themes in Shopify (*except for certain custom pages created apps like zipify pages...etc). Changing the Shopify theme shouldn't change anything within the merchant's Smile account. If you are switching to a new theme you will typically need to Apply Smile back to your theme.

Do Smile coupons work on Draft orders where there is no discount code field?

Shopify does not provide a 'discount code' field in the invoice/draft orders. This means that customers are not able to use their rewards through this type of order. Customers will earn points for draft/invoiced orders, but they will not be able to use discount rewards on Draft orders.

At this time we recommend that they place an online order instead if they'd like to use their Smile rewards. If you are on our Growth plan and above - you'll be able to offer gift card rewards - which should be apply-able to draft orders.

How does Smile support multi-currency?

The Shopify Plus multi-currency options is more of a currency converter, rather than fully accepting multiple currencies. This means that your store will still have a base currency (this could be GBP, USD, EUR, etc.)

This gives the customer the option to view the prices in their local currency, but when it’s accepted into your site, it gets converted into your base currency then deposited to your account.

Shopify also sends the order details to us in the base currency under the Order API. Because of this, Smile will continue to work on your store with the multi-currency.

Note: Smile itself will only display in one currency. If your base currency is in GBP, then the customers will see the points earning rule as “X points per £1 spent”, and discounts, such as “£10 off discount” as well will be in the base currency, which is not unlike how Shopify handles non-Smile discounts with multi-currency. The value of a fixed amount discount can vary day-by-day as currency valuations fluctuate.

Note: there isn't currently a timeline we can offer for when Smile will be able to match the displayed currency.

How Smile coupon codes are generated?

When a customer has enough points and redeems a reward, Smile automatically communicates this info to Shopify, and Shopify generates a discount code based on the reward requirements Smile sends over. As a result, these coupons are Shopify coupons and will appear in the Shopify 'Discounts' section along with any other coupons that you may have.

When do customers get synced from Shopify to Smile?

Smile syncs customers with Shopify in "real time", though if a merchant is importing a large number of customers into Shopify then there will be some delay with syncing those customers to Smile. How much of a delay that'll be is hard to say, it depends on how busy we are at the time, and how many customers they're importing.

We run a task every night to sync anything that was missed by the "live" sync, and that kicks off at 4 AM UTC every day for all accounts, however it's difficult to say with certainty when it'll run for a specific account or how long it'll take to complete.

If you want to sync points ASAP after customers sync from Shopify to Smile (general best practice, but not guaranteed): If you want to sync 10's of thousands of customers, then you can probably do the smile import a couple of hours after the shopify one in case you are really concerned with doing them as quickly as possible. If you have hundreds of thousands of customers and/or are really concerned about making sure everyone gets their points, I would do the initial import to shopify around 2AM UTC, and then the Smile points import around 10AM, by which point everyone should be synced one way or the other.

What happens when a customer record is manually added in Shopify?

If a customer is added manually into Shopify (without the customer creating an account/making a purchase) - we don’t get a webhook to pull the customer info over to Smile right away. Instead - the customer will get pulled over during the next nightly sync. So if you want to add a customer manually to Shopify - you’ll just want to give it at least 24 hours; or if you need the customer to show up in Smile right away - you can make a change to the customer record (first/last name, email, physical address...etc) so we’re prompted with an update to pull the customer over to Smile.

Can merchants test Smile in a theme that is not live? (Shopify)


If you are using Shopify 2.0 - you can enable Smile on a draft theme by turning on the App embed setting:

If you are not using Shopify 2.0 - you can manually add our code to the theme that isn't live. The instructions can be shared by our technical team only.

Can you tag customers using Shopify Flow?

No, it is currently only possible to tag a customer when they create a new account.

Do Shopify Flow earning actions only allow for fixed number of points to be rewarded?

With Shopify Flow - it's not possible to have a separate point-earning rule with incremental points earning for the specific products.

How do I award bonus points for a specific collection via Shopify Flow?

Does the bonus happen for each item a customer purchases? No, the bonus points are attributed from making one purchase from that collection.

Example: Suppose the bonus is 10 points and the customer buys 2 products from the collection, do they get 20 points? No, they would only get 10 points.

Can points earned be added to receipts?

Unfortunately not - we do not sync points info to Shopify POS receipts.

Workaround: Native points notification email

If you have the 'Points earned' email enabled in Smile > Customer emails - then the customer will receive an email letting them know how many points they earned from their purchase.

Workaround: Klaviyo post-purchase flow workaround

If you're on a paid plan and have a Email app integration - you can create an automated email flow that goes out after each purchase, and include the customer's points balance to that email using our integration.

How do POS activity and online store accounts work together?

In Shopify POS, customers can become members simply by making a purchase and providing an email address to be associated as the customer to the order.

  • They will earn points for that first order made through the POS.

  • They will not earn sign up points if they become a member through POS.

If the customer later wants to earn more points/spend their points through the online store - they'll just want to create an account through the merchant's online store with the same email address they used in-store.

Once the customer has an online account - they'll be able to earn/spend points both through POS and online. Note: Customers don't need to create an account if Passwordless Login is activated. They will need to use the same email address they used in-store

To note

  • Points will not show on any receipt that is printed in-store.

  • You can have multiple POS stores connected to one online Smile account - only of the POS stores are all under one Shopify store.

  • Should you have an older account from 2018, to add an earning action for Shopify POS, you will need to navigate to “Place an in store order” earning action.

How do store customers redeem rewards at POS?

As long as POS is setup properly - if the customer has enough points for a POS reward, and is a member in Smile, the Smile tile should light up when the customer & at least one product is added to the POS cart:

In order for the customer to become a member, you can:

  • create an account on the merchant's online store, or

  • make a purchase in Shopify POS and provide an email address to be linked to the order (once the order has been placed, the customer will be turned into a member in Smile and be able to spend their points on the next POS purchase).

How do I get started with POS?

If you are setting up Shopify POS, there are 2 important steps to complete:

  1. In the POS App - click 'Add Tile' > 'App' > then select 'Smile: Rewards & Loyalty' - then make sure to choose the tile under "App Extensions" to add.

  2. Set up POS specific rewards: Go to - click 'add ways to redeem' and add some POS rewards.

Once they have both added - you should be able to see our tile light up whenever you add a customer to the order who is a member, and has enough points for a POS reward.


  • Is it possible to purchase physical and digital gift cards? This article suggests it should be.

  • Is it possible to redeem store credit? It’s possible to redeem store credit through POS based on this doc from Shopify - and I don’t see issues for the Smile integration.

  • Is there automated reloading of a giftcard as store credit? May not be possible through POS - but I don’t see any issues with the Smile X POS integration to do this.

  • Is there an Ability to sync gift cards across different Shopify accounts. This is applicable in instances where the merchant is using a different account for ecommerce and POS? If the merchant uses 2 different shopify accounts for their online & POS store - then we wouldn’t be able to sync their customers’ points across online & in store.

Can I exclude specific products from earning points?

No, Currently there isn't a way to exclude certain products/collections from earning points. All products purchased would be eligible for points (unless the customer purchasing has a tag that excludes them from earning).

As a potential workaround, you can can set their rewards be collection specific. This gives you a bit more control over what you are giving away. While customers can earn points on any product purchase, you can limit the products they would like customers to be able to use their rewards on. You can do so by adding the products into one collection and adding it to the "applies to" section when creating the reward. Steps: 'Programs' > 'Points' > 'Ways to redeem' - click on a reward, and add the collection into the 'Applies to' section under 'Specific collections'.

If you are on our Starter plan or above, and have access to Shopify Flow - you can potentially use Shopify Flow to create item-specific earning rules. Note that Shopify Flow earning rules can only be set as fixed points.

Can I exclude points on manual orders (Shopify)?

Yes, you can raise a manual order and not add anything to the 'customer' field. The order can be created without adding an email address.

Good to know...

  • You cannot exclude individual customers from specific earning actions, only whether they can fully participate in the program or not

Is it possible to add a feature that appears right above the checkout in Shopify, that shows the customer their points balance or how many points they can redeem?

Yes, Smile Shopify Plus Checkout Extension is the best alternative!

Shopify Plus Checkout Extension released October 3, 2022 - installation & troubleshooting info


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.

  2. Click Go to Checkout editor

  3. Select Add app

  4. Select points at checkout

  5. Click Save.

To access the Shopify Plus Checkout extension the following criteria are required:

  • Be on Shopify Plus (BigC and Wix are not supported)

  • Be on the Smile Starter plan or above

  • Has exactly 1 “place an order” earning rule (see “limitations”) section below.

ℹ️ Plus merchants are able to create more than one “place an order” earning rule. This was implemented to support use cases such as accelerated points earning for different VIP tiers.

Note: if you have multiple “place an order” earning rules, you won’t see the checkout extension render in the checkout.

Known Limitations:

  • Only 1 order earning rule is supported.

  • Checkout extension will hide if # of “place an order” earning rules is 0 or >1

  • The checkout extension can be added to the checkout, even if the merchant isn’t on Starter .. or has an unsupported configuration

  • Shipping, taxes and discounts aren’t included factored into the points calculation

  • VIP isn’t factored in, in any form

  • Rate limiting isn’t factored in

  • The checkout extension is visible on mobile but it’s collapsed by default therefore it's visibility it’s not very obvious as per current tests made by the UX team

  • Excluded shoppers see the checkout extension

  • If an order earning rule is edited, the new value won’t be reflected in the checkout extension

Can I check if Shopify Plus Checkout Extension can be seen on mobile?

The Shopify Plus checkout extension is visible on mobile but it’s collapsed by default therefore it's visibility it’s not very obvious as per current tests made by the UX team.

Does Smile work with Discounts Combine?

What is it:

Discounts Combine is an app that can be downloaded from Shopify which does not respect the Shopify Coupon Usage limits. We DO NOT recommend that Merchants download this app.

Each coupon generated can be used multiple times meaning that your store could be subject to abuse from this and have a detrimental effect on your business.

How to offer bonus points to customers on subscription orders?


Is it possible to elevate bonus points rules on subscription orders via Shopify Flow? Eg: 1st order = 100 bonus points, 2nd order = 150 points, 3rd order = 200

How To:

  1. Set up a flow with 2 conditions (SKU & 1st order etc)

  2. Click Add another condition to add multiple conditions to one flow

Good to know:

  • We can offer bonus points for subscription products so long as they have a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

  • We can offer bonus points on Xth order

Does Smile work with Shop Pay?

Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout that allows customers to save their email and card details for ease of payment. Smile is not integrated with Shop Pay directly - so we cannot guarantee that everything will work in the same way as Shopify's normal checkout (e.g. adding free product + free product reward to the checkout might not work as smoothly) - but Smile generated discount codes should work through Shop Pay.

What happens to Shopify orders from Amazon?

If you have orders funnelled in from Amazon. The customer’s real email doesn’t get funnelled into Shopify but it would be filed under a unique amazon market place email eg:

Why does this matter?

Sometimes these random Amazon emails can start earning points for purchases if they are the ones linked to the purchase. This means that points are potentially going to the wrong email and you may have to manually adjust the points to the correct email.


The only way to avoid an order from earning points would be to exclude the customer entirely from the program (either manually, or with their customer tags).

We don’t have any way of taking Order tags and excluding those orders from earning points, but if you have a way of adding a Customer tag to the Amazon customer profiles before they order, that would work.

Will discounted orders be taxed via VAT?

Shopify charges tax based on the price of the order after discounts are applied. Shopify will not apply taxes for orders where the price after discount is 0.

Similarly, for Free Product Rewards a customer will not have to pay tax on that order if the free product is the only item they buy, because the Free Product Reward covers the entire cost of the product. For further reading check out this post on the Shopify Forum

With the new customers accounts - is it still possible to embed points balance?

No, the new customer account experience is hosted on and does not have liquid customisation in the same way that the classic account experience does.

A merchant added a customer manually to Shopify - but they're not showing up in Smile. Why?

When a customer is added manually to Shopify - it doesn't trigger a sync over to Smile right away (whereas if the customer makes a purchase or creates an account, they do get synced over immediately). So you will just want to wait for our next overnight sync for the added customer to start showing up in Smile.

If you're in a hurry - you can make an update to the customer record in Shopify to trigger a sync (for example, make a change in their address, save it, then change it back, save it again - this should do the trick!)

Why Cancelled/archived orders don't sync over from Shopify > Smile

The Shopify API will not return closed or cancelled orders by default when querying for multiple orders. This is causing initial and nightly syncs not to fetch those orders, causing them to not show up in Smile Admin.

So any cancelled/archived orders will not be synced over to Smile from Shopify.

However, if the order is not cancelled/archived - there might be indeed an issue, so you will want to speak with the technical team.

Is it possible to have multiple POS locations with one Smile account?

The Smile POS integration can be used in any of your store's locations, as long as they're connected to the same Online store. If you have multiple *online* stores, then those programs will be separate. But a shared instance/one Smile account between an online store and multiple POS stores is possible!

In Shopify POS: How customers can see their points balance?

If customers want to see their points balance, you need to add the customer's email address to display the information on the Shopify POS app. It is displayed on the tile itself. Alternatively, you can recommend that the customer logins to their online account on their phone to check themselves. Note: customers will not be able to see their points balance on receipts.

In Shopify POS: Merchants are unable to see customers points balance. Is there a workaround?

  1. Yes, you will need to add the Smile extension tile if you haven’t yet - here’s how: In the POS app, you’ll want to click ‘Add Tile’ > ‘App’ > then select ‘Smile: Rewards & Loyalty’ - then make sure to choose the tile under “App Extensions” to add.

  2. In the POS app - you'll need to add a customer who is a member and has enough points for a POS reward

  3. You'll also want to make sure that there's a product added to the cart for the Smile tile to light up!

In Shopify POS: how can I adjust customers points balance?

You cannot adjust customers points balance within the traditional App Extension that we provide for Shopify POS. However, there is a workaround that allows merchants to adjust customer balances within the Shopify POS app.

  1. Set Up Smile for POS

  2. Add an Additional Smile Tile

    1. Click Add Tile and select App

    2. Select

    3. Select App Website - Add to Smart Grid

  3. Tap second Smile Tile

    1. This brings up the app website. It is the regular Smile Admin view.

    2. Navigate to Customers and search for relevant customer

    3. Scroll down and tap Adjust Points Balance and follow regular steps you would on desktop

    4. Press Close (top left corner) when finished

Does Online & POS orders appear inside a Customer Smile Profile?

Yes! All Online and POS order's will show up inside a customer's order history within

In order for POS information to show, the order needs to be properly associated with the customer via the customer signing up (email and password) with the same email they used for POS purchases, and vice versa.

Does Smile integrate with Shopify POS Lite?

Yes! Based on the information provided by Shopify ( - POS lite also allows customers to use apps/integrations, and customize their smart grid in their POS app.

The setup will be the exact same as adding Smile to Shopify POS Pro.

Why POS rewards cannot contain a prefix?

Shopify merchants have the ability to add a prefix to their coupon codes in smile admin > ways to redeem. This is helpful in use cases where they may want to track specific codes associated with specific rewards

However, POS rewards don't generate an actual 'code' when a POS reward is redeemed; it just adds a discount to the order in POS without a coupon code). As a result, there's no where for a prefix to be added.

If order settings are set to reward for in-store purchases only and a customer places an order online for pick up at Shopify POS, will they earn points?

They would not be credited with points since in your settings > platform > click edit > order settings > scroll down to Reward customers for shopping > In-store only (POS) are set for customers to be rewarded for in-store transactions/purchases.

Even if the transaction occurs online (but only in-store purchases get points), customers won’t get points for picking up their purchase in store.

Note: If however the transaction/payment itself occurs via the POS they would earn points.

How does Smile behave with Shopify' coupon combining feature?

Update: Shopify does have a coupon combining feature out now - however, this does not affect Smile generated coupon codes. Our codes will still not be stackable at this time.

Customers can't use more than one discount at checkout. We understand that if you are running separate promotions from Smile and would like your customers to benefit from both at the same time.

However, please note that this is designed to protect merchants from people manipulating the coupon process.

There are two ways to go around this limitation:

  1. You can install a coupon stacking app. This one is good because it installs directly at the cart page:

  2. If you are on our Growth plan and above, you can offer gift cards through your store. This works because Shopify does allow a coupon + a gift card to be added to the cart.

📝 Warning: Coupon stacking apps will not show that the Smile coupon has been used after the order. This is because coupon stacking apps generally operate by creating a new coupon code. This leaves business owners like yourself at risk of the Smile coupon being used independently on a future order.

UPDATE: Shopify has added a beta program for coupon stacking. Learn more here:

Even with the new coupon stacking program, Smile's coupons are not set up to stack and cannot be combined with other discounts that were created in this program.

Is Smile compatible with Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets allows merchants to sell internationally easily - as long as they're using the same Shopify store Smile should be unaffected.

Things to note:

  • We don't have multi-language/multi-currency feature so Smile will only appear in 1 language and 1 currency

  • If shoppers purchase in a different currency then their order total will be converted to the base currency of the store

  • Points will be awarded in base currency not shoppers' own currency

How do physical-store customers earn points at Shopify POS?

The customer needs to provide an email address at the POS checkout in order to become a member and earn points for their purchase. They need to become members in order to earn/redeem points in Shopify POS.

When your customers check out on POS, they will be sent the points earned email even though on the app there is no ways to earn points that is aligned with the customer emails.

Shopify POS - does not allow points to be redeemed if there’s an automatic discount applied to the cart or a normal discount

If you have an automatic discount added to your physical store, the Smile tile in your POS app will still be available for you to click on and redeem points for your customers. However, when you choose a reward for the customer, it takes away the customer’s points but doesn’t add a discount, since there’s already a discount in the cart (and Shopify doesn’t allow stacking discounts)

Also, when a normal discount code is already in the cart - the Smile rewards are greyed out and you won't be able to click on any to make a redemption.

What's a store credit in Big Commerce?

Store credit is like a virtual wallet that exists in the shopper's store account. There is no discount/coupon code. This means each customer has a store credit balance that can go up and down over time. This feature is part of the BigCommerce software as opposed to something Smile developed. Any limits on the maximum amount of store credit a shopper could use on their purchase (if applicable) would be a BigCommerce setting as opposed to Smile. Store credit vs. amount discount behaviour Store credit - If a shopper trades their points for store credit, then they will be able to select "store credit" as a payment option in checkout. Amount discount - This works in the traditional way of creating a discount code that needs to be applied by the customer in checkout.

BigCommerce - ($) Special characters no longer supported in coupon code prefixes

If you have a special character in a coupon code such as: $, %...etc, this could be if you've imported coupon codes from a different loyalty provider - Smile will not be able to generate coupon codes for them. You would need to remove these characters from the prefix of your coupon code.

Smile is continuing to work as it always has and BigCommerce is now rejecting our requests to create codes when they contain a special character as it is no longer supported on their end.

BigCommerce & Smile UI

BigCommerce does not allow Smile to inject our code into the Accounts, Checkout or Sitemap pages (this includes the sign up page, login page, account page, and checkout page).

This means that our UI (launcher/panel/Nudges) will not be able to appear on these pages.

Things to note:

  • If you would like customers to access rewards from the account page - you can use your homepage URL + a deep link to create a CTA in the account page that will direct the customer to the home page with the rewards panel popped open.

  • You shouldn't set this as the referral landing page - as Smile's referral panel will not come up if the referral URL points to one of those pages.

Does Recharge x Smile integration work for BigCommerce merchants?

Recharge and BigCommerce integration does not work but it is something that Smile will make sure the product team knows about to develop this in the future.

Does BigCommerce allow stacking discount codes?

No - BigCommerce does not allow stacking coupon codes.

Potential workaround:

If you have a BigCommerce store on the Growth Plan or Plus Plan then you can use the 'Store Credit' reward type instead which allows stacking.

Store credit

If a customer redeems $30 on a reward and the reward is only valued at $28 then, the leftover $2 remains in the customers balance and they can still see this. The $2 will still be available and not forefeited.

How are points allocated (WIX)?

Smile only works with the Wix Stores app, and to award points, there has to be a WIX order associated with the customer! Smile would need to receive the sales information (like order ID, amount, customer info) from WIX in order to award points/complete referrals based on orders.

Orders generated from WIX Booking/WIX Restaurants/WIX pricing plans will not sync over to Smile, therefore they will not earn points.

Does Smile reward for taxes/shipping/discounts in WIX?

The default Wix integration behaviour is to NOT reward points for amounts spent on tax, shipping, or discounts. This is currently not able to be changed.

WIX admin email can't be used to create a customer account to test orders

If you as a WIX store owner use the same email address that's associated with your WIX account to create a customer account on your frontend site - you won't be able to see your points info in the panel on the front end. There will also be a duplicate customer account in Smile admin associated to this email address.

This is an edge case issue that only affects you as the store owner when you create customer a customer account using the same email as the WIX admin account email. So if you test this process by using any other email, you should be able to see your correct points balance in the store when logged in!

This means that it works perfectly for your customers as well - it's just a bit of an issue when it comes to the email address associated to your WIX/Smile account.

WIX - refund and partially refunds will only sync to Smile nightly

Currently if orders are marked as “Refunded” or “Partially Refunded” in WIX - the updated status will only get synced to Smile nightly - and not immediately (as opposed to the ‘paid’ status, which should get synced over to Smile immediately).

If you have had an order refunded or partially refunded and the points in Smile have not been cancelled yet, after you refund an order you will need to wait 24 hours before the new status is synced over to Smile and this is when we will cancel any points earned from the refunded order. This is because Smile listens to a 'payments' webhook from Wix which is only triggered when the order is created and pad, but not in other scenarios (like refunds) so the nightly sync is the only way to detect these changes.

Will Smile Deep links work on Wix?

Deep links are only partially functional on Wix.

Set up

E-mail Campaigns: Deep links work well as Call to Action buttons in e-mail campaigns. They can be set up like regular deep links. First, you will want to choose the page on the site that you will want to direct customers to and then followed by the deep link that is appropriate.

Onsite: If you want to use a deep link on your site, it does work but Smile does not advise it. In order to set it up, you need to set up a link, select Web Address and set it to New Window. Then you can put their home page with the desired deep link.

This will cause a new window to open every time a deep link is clicked. This is not a good customer experience and Smile do not recommend it.

How to apply Smile rewards on WIX subscriptions?

All charges within the subscription will get discounted if a discount code is applied.

So if the subscription is $10 per month, and the customer applies a $2 discount to it, they'll only have to pay $8 each month for their subscription.

There is currently no workaround for this, but to have this changed please vote at this link:

WIX - orders through PayPal don't get rewarded

The orders do get synced over to Smile - but they have an order number of 0 - and the payment status stays 'Authorized' even though it's been marked as 'paid' in WIX.

Multi-user accounts. Can we only have one admin or customer service person per Smile account? How to add users to my Smile account?

Smile does not support multi-store login because for every new instance of Smile that is created a different login (email address) is required, which happens if you are adding Smile to a new store.

As per the above, the only way to have another user log into your Smile admin would be to share the login details and ask them to go to to log-in directly!

It's worth noting that for Shopify, there are alternative ways for how other members of a merchant's team can access Smile:

1) Give your staff permission to manage APP's via Shopify admin.

Is there a way to change the Points earned for every currency ($) 1 spent?

The currency value cannot currently be changed. You can only change the point amount earned per 1 currency spent. In other words: you can have control over the points earned, but not dollar spent, that can only be $1 per the amount of points. ie. 10 points per $1 spent, 5 points per $1 spent etc.

Smile Admin: Warning message. Shopify is not connected, What does this mean?

Steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Login to your Smile admin to try to re-connect your Smile account to Shopify. You can access Smile directly on Shopify > Apps or you can copy + paste this URL in a different browser window/tab.

  2. If the solution above ☝️ does not work ( the ‘Reconnect’ route), it could mean that you are trying to connect your existing Smile account to a different store. As a result, navigate to Shopify admin > apps - and install Smile from there with a different email address; other than the one used to create your first Smile account.

  3. Another possibility is to have temporarily uninstall Smile from your Shopify store; then re-installed it again.

How does Smile handle multi-currency?

Smile can work with multi-currency stores. We calculate everything (points earning, reward value) using the base currency of your store. The only caveat is that customers will still see the base currency in the Smile launcher, even if they've chosen a different currency - and so they won't know the true value of their rewards until they're claimed and added to the checkout.

In the panel, it will only show in 1 currency (whichever currency you set in Smile - let’s say it’s USD) - and when customers make purchases in another currency, we would reward them based on the amount converted from the other currency to USD - this is true for Shopify.

If you can’t access your Smile admin account - here are the steps you can follow:

You can head to to login

If you don't know which email to use - we can find this for you.

If you don't remember your password, you can use the 'Forgot Password?' link:

Additionally, you should be able to login directly through your eCommerce account, by going to the 'Apps' section - then clicking on Smile from your list of apps:

Shopfiy > Apps

BigCommerce > Apps

Wix > Apps > Manage Apps

When do customers get synced from Shopify to Smile?

Smile syncs customers with Shopify in "real time", though if you are importing a large number of customers into Shopify then there will be some delay with syncing those customers to Smile. How much of a delay that'll be is hard to say, it depends on how busy we are at the time, and how many customers you're importing.

We run a task every night to sync anything that was missed by the "live" sync, and that kicks off at 4 AM UTC every day for all accounts, however it's difficult to say with certainty when it'll run for a specific account or how long it'll take to complete.

If you want to sync points ASAP after customers sync from Shopify to Smile (general best practice, but not guaranteed): If you want to sync 10's of thousands of customers, then you can probably do the smile import a couple of hours after the shopify one if you're really concerned with doing this ASAP please reach out to our technical team.

If you import a large number of customers to Shopify - and it somehow doesn't get synced through the overnight sync AND you’re on the free plan - you can try to uninstall & reinstall the Smile app (you'll have to make sure you re-install within 48 hours to avoid losing settings).

This will trigger a new initial sync, and should get all of your customers synced over to Smile.

If you are a paid merchant and your customers do not sync following the overnight sync - please reach out to our technical team.

If you add a customer manually to Shopify they won't automatically show up in Smile

When a customer is added manually to Shopify - it doesn't trigger a sync over to Smile right away (whereas if the customer makes a purchase or creates an account, they do get synced over immediately). So you will just want to wait for Smile's next overnight sync for the added customer to start showing up in Smile.

If you are in a hurry - you can make an update to the customer record in Shopify to trigger a sync (for example, make a change in their address, save it, then change it back, save it again - this should do the trick!)

Change store customer details (email / password)

This cannot be done through Smile, and needs to be changed on your eCommerce platform (Shopify, BigCommerce or WIX).

Instructions for different ecommerce platforms:

For Shopify

Can customer profiles be merged?

We do not have a merging feature within Smile. We get all customer data synced directly over from the eCommerce platform - so you will want to merge (or delete duplicates) through your eCommerce platform (Shopify, BigCommerce, WIX).

Smile does not create accounts

Smile does not create any customer accounts. When you click on the button in the Smile panel to join the rewards program, we send them to the (Shopify or BigCommerce) registration page. This means that all of the actual account creation occurs on the platform side. (For Wix, there is no button, and customers have to sign up/sign in via the Wix specific Members Area). To login to a Smile account, customers need to use their eCommerce login details (email/password).

Adding back an excluded customer

You can re-enable an excluded customer only if they were manually excluded. Check this article:

If they have been automatically excluded through tagging (Settings > Platform), the customer cannot be re-enabled within the Smile UI.

To re-enable these customers that were automatically excluded via tags, you have 2 options:

  • Completely remove the exclusion tag, or

  • Remove the Shopify tag on that specific customer in your Shopify admin

Stores that have an app with Vajro or Plobal

We don't have a direct integration with Vajro or - so we wouldn't be able to display our launcher/panel over on the app that they generate, unfortunately!

However, I do believe that Vajro may have created their own workaround/integration where you might be able to get Smile to display in the app - because I've seen other merchants do it successfully before. You'll want to reach out to Vajro to confirm though! Plobal stores - Plobal is currently working on an unoffical integration. You need to contact the technical team for more info on this!

How can store customers become a 'member' of your loyalty program?


There are 2 ways for customers to become a member:

  1. Create an account through your online store


Create an account through your online store


Create an account through your online store by clicking the 'Log in' button near the top right of your site

If your platform is WIX, when you first install - Smile only syncs Wix customers who have placed an order, as their current Contacts API does not tell us if the customer is a member or not, so we have to fetch that information from the order itself. So if you ask why a customer is in WIX but not in Smile, this might be why.

What's the difference between members and guests (candidates) in Smile?

Guests are customers who haven't created an account (email and password). Guests can earn points, make referrals, but would need to create an account to redeem points.

📝 Note - there may be some discrepancies with this if the merchant has ShopifyPOS - see How store customers become a 'member' of the loyalty program

📝 Note - If you have an account with BigCommerce and Custom integrated then you do not have guests

Store domain name change

If you are looking to change the name of your store domain - Smile can be moved over to the new domain if you have redirects set up on your end then this should be totally fine.

You will want to make sure you change your store URL settings in Settings -> General once you fully switch over to the new domain.

You will want to make sure that URL is updated as well (in Program > Referrals).

Merchant requests copy of Smile icons

If you would like a copy of high resolution default panel icons you are welcome to download the following press kit, or attachment: Smile Press Kit

Can the Sign up or sign in links be changed?

Shopify & BigCommerce

No - the JOIN NOW and SIGN IN links direct customers to the store's account creation page or sign in page so that customers can create an account to join the rewards program. Changing these links would disrupt the customer journey. You can change your store URL (the base of these links) by going to Settings > General in the Smile admin.

For Shopify, these will always link to:

  • Join now: {STOREURL.COM}/account/register

  • Sign in: {STOREURL.COM}/account/login

For BigCommerce, these will always link to:

  • Join now: {STOREURL.COM}/login.php?action=create_account

  • Sign in: {STOREURL.COM}/login.php


There are no button/links in the panel for Joining/Signing in currently.

Can birthday data be imported or synced with Shopify or other systems?

Other than our integration with Omnisend - Smile does not sync birthday data to integrations or other e-commerce platforms.

You are able to manually export customer birthday data through the customer export and import it wherever you would like

A store customer didn’t receive their birthday reward on their birthday

A customer will not get rewarded points for their birthday this year if they enter a date that is in the next 30 days. They will be rewarded the following year on that date.

You can check when a customer entered their birthday by going to Smile admin > Customers > look up the customer by email, then in their profile, look at the 'Details' section. If there is no information there then the customer has not entered their birthday yet, or the points earning action for entering a birthday has not been activated.

Birthday points will only be awarded if a full 365 days have passed since the customer last earned points for their birthday. You can check by going through the customer's points transactions in smile admin > activity > points tab to see if they've received any birthday points in the past - and if so - when it was earned.

How to change the birthday reward

The birthday reward can only be set to a number of points. No free gifts or coupons can be offered as a birthday reward. To add one, go to 'Program' > 'Points' > 'Ways to earn' - click "add ways to earn" - and select 'Celebrate a birthday'.

To change the points value - go to 'Program' > 'Points' > 'Ways to earn' - click on the existing birthday earning rule - and change the 'earning value'

How can a customer find their referral link?

Customers can get their referral URLs in a few ways:

  • Customers who have either made a purchase or have a store account can get their referral URL by signing into the Smile rewards panel

  • Any first-time customer without a store account can get their referral URL after checkout from a pop-up on the "Thank you page" (NOTE: This only works if you have Program Participation enabled here:

  • Using an email marketing app (we integrate with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and many more on the Starter plan and above) you can directly email your customers their unique referral URL like this:

How many times can a customer make referrals?

Referrals can be made as many times as your existing customers want - but they will only get rewarded if the 'referred friend' makes a purchase! This is to say there's no limit to the number of referrals that can be done at this moment.

Each customer receives its own referral link

Each customer will receive their own unique referral link they can share with their friends.

How can a customer share their referral link?

Within the Smile panel on desktop they'll have the option to share via email as well as directly to Facebook and X. On mobile, they can directly share with any messaging app they have installed on their device (Whatsapp, Messanger, WeChat, Snapchat, and more). They can also copy the link and share outside the panel.

Sharing through email

On the free plan when copying the referral link and clicking on the email icon in the panel, the email system that the customer is connected to can automatically open an email window with the referral link - but the customer also has the ability to copy to any email service provider of their choice such as, gmail

Can you describe the referral process/flow?

To help clarify, here's our referral flow:

  1. A loyalty member sends a friend their referral URL 📩

  2. The friend clicks the link and inputs their email address into Smile 📧

  3. Once the friend inputs their email, they'll receive the "Friend" reward from the referral program in an email as a coupon code (and it should appear in the Smile panel as well!) 💵

  4. After the friend has made a purchase, your current loyalty member will receive their reward 💰

How can I change a referral reward?

Here's how to change your referral reward to points: Go to 'Programs' > 'Referrals' (or click here: Click 'Change' for the Referring customer reward Delete the current reward Add the new one as Points

Getting started with Referrals

General guidelines:

  • Each reward should be 10%-20% of the Average Order Value

    • AOV is found on the eCommerce platform's analytics page

  • Rewards for both parties encourages participation on both sides

  • Points is a good option for the already existing customer as it incentivizes them to refer lots of friends. That way they can save the points for a more premium reward.

Can I add UTM Parameters on referral links and/or email notifications?

At this time Smile does not have the capability to add UTM parameters on referral links or in Smile's e-mail notifications. It is something our product team is aware of being potentially beneficial in the future.

Adblockers can limit the referral functionality for social media

The social media buttons on the referral panel can be affected by adblockers. Adblock Plus has prevented customers from accessing the Facebook and X share option in referrals. The buttons don't appear at all. This is a known issue that is being worked on. For the time being ask users to disable the ad blocker.

BigCommerce - Incomplete order issue (can cause referrals to not complete properly)

BigC generates incomplete orders for things like abandoned carts, failed CC purchases, etc. We are currently syncing those incomplete orders into Smile - all with different order numbers. In the customer's page in Smile, these end up looking like this:

This causes an issue in Referrals if the referred friend places an 'incomplete' order first. Since our referral links the first purchase made by the referred friend - once it gets linked to one of these incomplete orders - the referral gets stuck in limbo and will never end up completing.

In situations like these - it's best to suggest that you manually create a discount for the 'Advocate' if the friend has actually successfully placed an order.

Self referrals - how it works and how does Smile handle them?

Self referral process:

  • When a customer uses their own referral URL & a random email address to claim the friend reward - we’re not able to stop them (since to the system, it seems to be one customer referring another person)

  • When the customer ends up using that coupon code on an order using their own account - we don’t have measures in place to stop them from using that coupon code (we don’t have the power to block orders from happening in Shopify/BigCommerce/WIX)

  • However, after the order is placed - our system is able to detect that the advocate ended up using the friend’s reward in an order - so on the referral details page - it updates the ‘Friend’ to whoever ended up using the friend reward. Which in this case, is the same customer as the advocate.

  • Once the advocate and friend becomes the same person - we block the referral to stop the advocate from receiving the advocate reward.

So unfortunately, self referrals are typically able to get at least one coupon code out of the referral program - but we’ll stop them from being able to receive the second one.

These instances of self referral typically goes like this:

This means that self referrals are usually able to get away with getting at least the 'Friend' reward.

When does Smile block referrals?

Smile automatically blocks referrals under 2 circumstances:

1. When the ‘Friend’ enters an email, and it already exists in the system or is very similar to the advocate’s email

2. After the friend reward is used in a purchase - and the purchaser’s name or email matches the advocates

Does a referral still count if the friend doesn't use the friend reward?


As long as the friend clicks through on your existing customer's referral link and enters their email address, the referral will count if the friend makes a purchase! This purchase could be made without any discount codes, a different discount code (i.e. site wide promotion), or the Smile friend reward -- in all cases, the referral will count and the existing customer will then receive the referral advocate reward

How Smile referrals are tracked?

Smile will only start tracking referrals when the referral link has been clicked open, and the 'Friend' has entered their email address into the referral prompt. Should the merchant wish to verify who was the referring customer and the referred customer; that can be checked in Smile admin > Program > Activity > View all referral activity > All activity. Here they can see the name of the member who referred their friend, and what the friend's email is. We're not able to track all of the 'Shares' of the customers' referral URLs, as they can basically share their referral URL in whatever form they want (through their own social media platforms, through text, through their personal emails...etc).

We could check how many times referrals were shared through Smile emails by looking at the 'Referral shared through Smile' email logs. But we cannot guarantee this to be a good representation of all referral shared. Also, this will only track where the referral was sent to - but not the existing customer that shared the referral. We do track referral 'clicks' - but this would be records of actual people clicking on referral URLs, so it's not exactly how many times the referral URL was shared, but could be a close representation.

If the friend cancels a first order and places a second one, is the referring customer still eligible to receive the reward?

No, the referral only recognises the friend’s first order; as a result if that gets canceled and a second order is placed instead; that wouldn’t be picked up by the referral and the referral status wouldn’t change; therefore the referring customer would not be able to earn/be eligible to receive the referring customer reward.

Why are the referral URLs not shortened when shared with a friend?

The reason behind the 'lengthy referral links' is because we tag a big query param on the end of the short url. The reason we have the big query param is to track the traffic sent to the website from the link, and where it was shared from, etc.

This issue - to shorten the URL- is within the radar of the product team - but there's not an estimated date yet.

Some context can be provided to explain the reason behind the 'lengthy referral links':

Because we wanted to introduce a more flexible mobile UI - we decided to go with a share button that would allow your customers to share their referral URL on whichever app they want through their mobile device. Because it's shareable in all apps - it's no longer possible to format it nicely like an email.

What's a custom referral domain?

A custom referral domain is where merchants can make personalized domain names for their customers' referral URLs. This is available on the Smile Plus Plan. More information can be found here:

Could I manually create/customize the referral links?

If you'd like to use a custom referral link, the steps for pointing to a DNS provider and CNAME are outlined here

Sometimes, you may have difficulty on how to set up the referral domain correctly, or may get error messages once you test this.

You need to make sure that you own the custom domain that you'd like to setup as the custom referral domain.

In the DNS settings of the domain, you need to add as the destination of the CNAME or ALIAS record for the domain they are connecting. This is done by logging into your DNS provider, such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.

Once you add the DNS records - you can add the custom domain into Smile admin > Program > Referrals > Custom domain - and hit 'Add domain' then 'refresh status' to see if we've detected the domain records properly!

Can gift cards be used as a referred friend reward?

Gift cards can’t be used as the referred friend reward due to high potential of fraud since they can be stacked.

How can I find a customer's referral link?

You can find a customer's referral URL by looking up the customer in Smile Admin > Customers:

Customers can find their own referral URLs in a few ways:

  • Program members can find this by signing into their account, and clicking on the rewards panel:

  • If the merchant has Guest earning oenabled, Guests can find their referral URLs after a purchase through the 'Guest referrals nudge' on the 'thank you'/order confirmation page:

  • If the merchant has an email app integration - they can email the guest referral URLs to their customers directly

What options do customers have to share their referral link?

On the desktop version, customers have the option to share the referral URL through email, Facebook, X, or by simply copying the referral URL and sending it in whatever way they want to their friend:

On the mobile version - customers are able to use whichever app they want through the native mobile sharing options to share the referral URL with their friends. This included SMS, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and any app with messaging capabilities.

In-panel for email

If you are on a paid plan - the 'email' share experience is a bit different than what free merchants have:

  • Paid merchants:

The customer gets to enter their friend's email and a personalized message directly into the panel. The friend will then receive a branded email from Smile (in Smile admin, it's the 'Referral shared through Smile' template in customer emails)

  • Free merchants:

The customer is directed to their own default email client on their computer, with a pre-populated draft that includes their referral URL. They can then enter their friend's email address as the recipient and send it off from their personal email.

How can merchants see who has referred who?

You can check your customers' referrals in the activity tab - This shows them the name of the member who referred their friend, and what the friend's email is.

Good to Know

  • We don't use cookie tracking for referrals. If person Y enters an email and gets a code, we track them based on that email and/or code. But if they don't, and come back later, we don't track that as a referral at all.

  • Should a customer send a referral code and then before the new customer is redeeming the Merchant changes the referral reward amount, then the referred friend (and referee) will receive whatever the most up-to-date amount is set at the time of when the referred friend makes a purchase

  • If Merchants would like to reward customers for making X number of referrals - this is currently not available and is with the product team as an idea.

  • Even on the Plus plan with API the referral rewards cannot be customised and points or $ off are recommended

  • A free product can be chosen to be the reward however that would mean that customers get a free product and there is no incentive to buy from the store

How will referrals work with Brick & Mortar Stores?

Both the friend & advocate discount codes can be used in-store. The customer can show you the email they received from us with the coupon code - and you can enter the code manually into the POS app; but the referral process (clicking on referral URL/claiming friend reward) would still need to happen online. Or, if you happen to have a device in store to let customers refer each other - you could pull up the Smile admin > customers - open the advocate’s referral URL and have the friend claim the friend reward in store

Can the customer be tagged with their VIP tier?

Smile does not have a feature that syncs VIP tier info back into the eCommerce platform. (for example, there's no way for Smile to tag the customer with their VIP tier in Shopify).

Smile does sync VIP tier info through to Email app integrations though - so you can use email platforms to do segmented reach outs to the different VIP tiers if you want.

What's the difference between entry rewards and perks?

Entry rewards

Entry rewards are issued to customers when they earn enough points to enter a new VIP tier. These benefits are administered directly through Smile and are predominantly transactional in nature (i.e. discount codes)

Customers may not receive entry rewards if they are placed into tiers during the initial tier calculation. However, if after the initial tier calculation, the customer spends enough money or gains enough points to move to the next tier then they will get the entry rewards for that tier.


Perks are NOT administered through Smile. These are different benefits that you would want to offer to the customers themselves when they achieve a certain VIP tier. For example, access to private events, early sales...etc. You would need to find out how to ensure the customer receives this

Is it possible to move a customer down from a VIP tier?

Currently, it's not possible to move customers down from a tier - either individually, or in bulk with a CSV import.

Is it possible to assign VIP tiers to guests?

Yes and you must have guest earning activated

Please make sure that you have guest earning activated in smile admin settings > program participants

Can we offer an ongoing discount to a reward tier?

Smile does not currently have a way to offer ongoing rewards. Once a customer reaches a certain tier, they will not be able to get a permanent discount.

Active VIP program: Changing settings

In order to make changes to most of the VIP program settings - the VIP program needs to be disabled.

If you've disabled your VIP program to make changes to your settings, you'll need to re-enable it for your new program settings to take effect.

When you re-enable your program any new customer that joins your VIP program:

  • Will have their VIP tiers calculated using your new program settings.

  • Will see progress towards their next VIP tier in their customer Panel.

Any existing customers who were already in your VIP program:

  • Will have their VIP tiers recalculated using your new program settings.

  • Will see progress towards their next VIP tier in their customer Panel.

  • Could lose their VIP tier if you've made changes to your program earning conditions, added a tier or removed a tier.

  • Will not receive any entry rewards or email notifications if their tier changes.

Can I manually add a customer to a vip tier?

When a customer is manually placed into a tier, Smile follows the same rules for when that placement expires as if the customer had organically earned the tier they were placed into. So in a calendar year program, if they are placed or earn a tier today, that placement (or tier earning) will expire Dec 31, 2024 (end of next year). In an all-time program, the placement would never expire.

If the VIP program is deactivated and the Smile plan gets downgraded: will customers remain on the same VIP tiers?

When you deactivate VIP or downgrade your Smile plan, the tiers will remain on the customer account unless you remove the the tiers from your program. This is why even though VIP isn't active and they don't have access, customers will still be earning points.

To avoid this, deactivate your program here: Program -> VIP

If you de-activate and then re-activate a VIP Program

If you re-activate the program, it will bypass whatever start date that you selected to the very recent year, ie; January 2023. Tiers will be recalculated based on January 2023, since we have one calendar year to keep the tier, will it also bypass the tier earned from last year and will cause the customers to drop into a tier based on points earnings in 2023.

For more information visit: Re-enable VIP Program

Guest Referral nudge (on thank you page)

When the Program participation feature is set to Guest earning and you have your referral program enabled - there will automatically be a Guest Referral nudge that appears after a guest checks out (it will appear in the thank you page or order confirmation page).

This nudge can be previewed & customized & deactivated in the Nudges section of the Smile admin. It's the 'Increase guest referral URL sharing' nudge.

Nudge Visibility on Mobile

Nudges will appear on mobile even if the launcher visibility is turned off. If you want to remove Smile from mobile but do have nudges active, they will still be showing.

Customise nudge text and images

Is it possible to edit the guest referral nudge on any plan?

You will be able to enable / disable the post-purchase guest referral nudge; and also edit the icon, title and text.

If a merchant has a drawer cart in Shopify - some nudges won't show up

What are nudges:

Nudges are prompts that encourage customers to take action depending on their buying journey within your store.

Why won't they show:

If you have a drawer cart then the increase points spending and increase reward usage nudges will not work. This is because these nudges look for /cart in the url of the page as a condition for them to appear. The URL does not change when a drawer cart is opened, hence the nudges are not able to appear.

The only known workaround would be for you to revert back to the normal cart page for these nudges to show.

How analytics are calculated

​Performance overview

  • Value generated: Dollar value of all orders made with coupon codes that were issued by Smile

  • Rewards issued: Total number of rewards that have been purchased using points

Member analytics

  • Program members: Total number of customers who have registered an account at the store

    • This value is relative from the date Smile was installed

  • Points program participants: Any customer who has ever earned points in the reward program

    • If customer accounts (guest earning) is enabled, it is normal for this number to be higher than program members

  • Program members added: A visual overview of program members. This only includes customers who have registered an account, it excludes guest point earners and redeemers

Points analytics​

  • Points outstanding: Total number of points that have been earned but not yet redeemed

  • Redemption rate: What % of points earned are redeemed as rewards

  • Redemption rate over time: Same as redemption rate, although limited to a date range (date range can be edited by merchant)

  • Top rewards over time: Number of times each reward was redeemed, relative to the date range (defined at top of page)

Referral analytics

  • Referral traffic: Visits to the store that came through a referral link. Relative to the date range defined at the top of the page

  • Referral purchases: A total count of purchases that originated from a referral. Includes first time & repeat purchases

  • Revenue from referred customers: Total spend from all customers who have been referred. Includes first time & repeat purchases

  • Referral traffic: Total number of clicks on Smile referral links

    • Ad spend saved: Estimate of how much ad spend the merchant has saved by using referrals instead of PPC (pay per click)

  • Referrals completed: How many referrals successfully completed

  • Orders from referred customers: Breakdown of spending behaviour from referred customers

    • First time: First purchases made by referred customers

    • Repeat: How many referred customers returned during the date range to make another purchase

  • Referral conversion rate: % of customers who clicked a referral link and made a purchase

    • Entered email for discount: % of customers who clicked on a referral link and entered their email address

    • First purchase: % of customers who entered their email for discount, then went on to make a first purchase

Nudge analytics

  • All nudge analytics are relative to the last 30 days

  • Clicking into the nudge will show the "Visibility conditions" - this determines on what page(s) the nudge shows

  • The Increase referral URL sharing nudge:

    • Only includes program members who were signed in at the time of purchase

    • Excludes guest purchases

Seeing revenue from referred customers

All referred customers

You can see an overview in Smile > Performance > Referrals > Orders from referred customers. This shows a breakdown of first time and repeat customers

This chart is relative to the date range which is set at the top of the page

Revenue from specific advocates

It is not possible to computationally generate an export of revenue generated from a specific advocate(s)

Data Export request

Data export

Most reward program data can be exported by using the Export link in page headers:

Export links can be found in the following sections:

  • Smile > Program > Activity > [Points / Referrals / VIP]

  • Smile > Customers

Promoting your loyalty program

Education is the number one way you can improve engagement with your loyalty program. The more you are able to teach your customers how to use it, the better the redemption and conversion rate will be. There are many ways that you can promote your loyalty program:

Deep links

  • Deep links add an additional way to open the Smile panel

  • Keep the links in a place of high visibility like the top menu header bar

  • Can be used in e-mails to send customers to a specific page and open Smile at the same time

  • Also a good option for mobile if there is limited space for the widget

Explainer Page

  • This is an excellent way you can explain the program to your customers

  • Smile does not build these pages, you would have to get a developer to create this page yourself

  • An explainer page explains how customers can earn points, and what rewards are available. If they have a VIP program, it can explain the benefits of moving through the tiers

Email Service Provider

  • Apps like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Omnisend are the best marketing tools for a loyalty program

  • Integrations with these apps allow you to create a lot of custom workflows based off of the tags from Smile

  • Email campaign ideas

    • Welcome flow, automatically is triggered to send when there is a new store member. You can set it up by watching this tutorial:

    • Show the customer their points balance in emails and remind them to come in and earn more

    • Let customers know they can redeem a reward, and set up a segment if a customer has enough points for a reward

Basic referral strategy

Recommendations for referral strategy:

Reward Type

  • Customer reward options (Amount discount, percentage discount, free product, free shipping, points)

  • Friend reward options (Amount discount, percentage discount, free product, free shipping)

  • Points as a reward type is a good strategy for the customer who is referring, it incentivises the customer to refer lots of people in order to save up points for a premium reward

Reward Value

  • The rewards should be 10%-20% of the average order value

  • Both customer parties should have rewards similar in value to incentivise both customers to participate

Basic points configuration strategy

These are the basic guideline for Points Program configuration:

First Reward

  • Customer should only need to make 2 or fewer purchases to get to the first reward

  • Number of purchases to first reward = (Lowest reward - (sign-up and social media action points)) / (Average order value * points per $)

Points per $

  • Place an Order earning rule

  • We recommend using increments of points not fixed points for this earning rule. This allows customers to earn points based on how much money they vs the same number of points regardless of how much money the customer has spent.

  • The default is set to 5 points per $ spent, and this equals 5% back to the customer

  • Smile recommends 3 points per $ spent if your profit margins are tight and up to 10 points per $ spent if you have wider profit margins

100 points per 1$ in Rewards

  • Reward value should be proportional to the amount of points it takes to redeem it

  • Example: $5 off coupon = 500 points and $10 = 1000

  • For % off reward, base the point value on Average Order Value

  • For free product reward, points value should be equal to the price of the product

  • For free shipping, it should be based on the average shipping value with a maximum value setting checked

Program Review

If you're looking to optimize your program you can have a look at these links below

How to set up a Successful Referral Program - 6 minute video

Note: If you have a specific question reach out to one of our Merchant Success Managers and we can have a look through your program and make recommendations on how you can improve it and increase customer engagement

Smile Overview

If you prefer paper/PDF copies to read, instead of watching videos to find out about Smile you can download this PDF: Smile_Rewards Overview.pdf

What actions send an email notification?


Customers will receive notifications when they: ✅

  • Earn points (points earned email & Birthday reward email)

  • Redeem rewards (reward redeemed email)

Customers will not receive notifications when: ❌

  • Points are manually added through a CSV import or by manual adjustment

  • Points are deducted from a refund

  • When a reward redemption is cancelled


  • Referral shared through Smile is sent to the 'Friend' of the referral when the advocate uses the rewards panel to email their referral URL to the friend.

  • Friend received referral is sent to the friend after they open the referral URL and enter their email address to get their referral friend reward. This email will include the coupon code so they can use it in the future if they don't want to use it right away.

  • Referral completed is sent to the 'advocate' when the friend has made a purchase, this sends the advocate their reward for making the referral!s

How customers unsubscribe from Smile emails?

They can do so at the bottom of the emails that we send them - by clicking the 'Manage email preferences' button.

If a customer wants to opt back into emails

Smile sync our opt-ins/outs with the “accepts marketing” preference of each Shopify customer, so if someone were to opt out in Smile, they could opt back in to the 'promotions' email group by updating their “accepts marketing” setting in Shopify. This can only be updated by you and not the customer. The only way to re-subscribe to Reminder & Confirmation emails is via the preferences page - which, if the customer has completely deleted all trace of Smile and emails, they will not be able to access.

  • Customers are not automatically opted-in to your email when they create a loyalty account (Smile), it is a separate action they need to take voluntarily.

How to change the default reply option to smile's emails?

If you want to change the email address that any replies to the 'sent on behalf of Smile' emails are received they can navigate to Settings -> General & customer notifications to change this

Changing email text and images

✅ This can only be done on a Smile Paid plan.

The notification templates can be found by going to the 'Customer emails' section in the Smile admin.


Note that when editing emails - certain text fields require certain variables. Click the 'add variable' button to add all require variables into the field. If you're unsure of what a variable will look like in the final email, refer to this helpdoc.

If the field does not have a 'Add variable' button above it - feel free to change the text to whatever you want.

Images (Banners and Logos)

Banner needs to be 1200px by 480px. Each notification type can have a different banner. These can be added in the email template in the 'Banner' section:

Logos can be added in Branding > Emails. They need to be 400px by 144px

Text justification

All Smile email text is left-aligned. This currently cannot be edited or changed.

Email preview text is not updating

If you change your email body, or change your program participants settings and get new points earned email - but the email text body is still showing the old text

You can make a change to your email template, save it - then change it back and save it again. This will prompt an update to the email preview, and any future emails sent will have the updated preview:

Repeating email text

If the ‘description’ is shorter than the entire preview section in the email client, the preview text will run out and the email client will place whatever text is in the email body next - which is in the order of: Title, description, CTA. This isn't something that we have control over. We can suggest that you make the description slightly longer if you don't like that it repeats .

Is it possible to centre the text in the customer emails?

All Smile email notifications are set by default to be left-aligned - this cannot be changed.

Can I change the sender email address for Smile emails?

No - you cannot. All Smile emails will be sent from You can change the 'reply-to' email so you receive the responses customers send though!

Can I use the same email for my smile store and test store?

No. There is only 1 email address per store.

No access to original login email address

You would need to login through your eCommerce platform and change the email within Smile settings

Does Smile integrate with __________ ?

Officially supported integrations

3rd party integrations

A number of 3rd party companies offer unofficial integrations through utilising the Smile API:

  • Tapcart

  • Shopney

  • TargetBay (recently replaced with official integration)

  • Vajro

  • RevelPOS

To request access to Smile API - please speak with someone from the team.

Can Smile pass event data (eg: points notifications) to an email integration?

Many merchants ask if they can pass event data (points earned notifications / birthday rewards / other reward emails) to an ESP (email service provider) integration such as Klaviyo.

Normally this is because they want to replicate these emails: using their own wording and layouts.

Generally this isn't possible, although the integration does allow customisations for 3 automations:

  • VIP tier change

  • Change in points balance

  • Change in customer state (eg: candidate -> member)

This isn't currently possible using any other Smile integration.

Promoting a loyalty program using integrations

Integrations can be used to promote a Smile loyalty program

Email marketing

Email marketing integrations (Klaviyo, Mailchimp, etc...) can be used to promote the loyalty program in various ways:

  • Create mailing lists / segments based on:

    • Smile points balance

    • Smile VIP tier

    • Smile membership status:

      • Candidate: Guests

      • Members: Members with store accounts

  • Embed reward program data into email template:

    • Smile points balance

    • Smile VIP tier

    • Referral

SMS marketing

The SMS bump integration can promote a loyalty program by:

  • Sending automatic SMS reminders for available rewards

  • Creating SMS segments based on Smile points balance

Retargeted Ads

The Shoelace integration can promote a loyalty program by:

  • Showing targeted ads to current and potential reward program members. Example:


The Privy extension can be used to reward points for completing forms.

An example of how a loyalty program can be promoted using this integration would be:

  • Creating an exit-intent popup, reward loyalty points if merchant enters their email address

Is smile compatible with Shopify's Post Purchase upsell apps?

No! The reason being that Smile will only reward points for an order when it's placed and marked as paid. Merchants who have these post purchase upsell apps installed - after the order is already paid for (and they’ve already earned points for their order), the customer will have an option to add a few more products items to their order that they just paid for, and pay again for these additional products.

Unfortunately, Smile does not have the functionality to update the points to reflect the additional items purchased after the order has already been marked as paid.

Post-purchase checkout extensions allow merchants to add a post-purchase page directly into the Shopify checkout. The post-purchase page appears after the order is confirmed, but before the thank you page.

Delete/Re-create Recharge rewards when old Recharge integration is removed

If you remove the old Recharge integration in order to install the new version - you'll have to set up the rewards again. In case you would like customers to still use their unused rewards linked to the older version; the best advice is to email all customers with a Recharge reward and give them a deadline to redeem their rewards letting them know it will "Expire" on X date (INSERT date of when they will switch to new Recharge).

How is data passed to Klaviyo?

We don’t have a way to currently pass over all of the activity data to send the emails through Klaviyo (rewards redeemed, referral shared etc..). And why is that?

With our Klaviyo integration - we only send over customer data (data that doesn’t really change too quickly). Like points balance, referral URL, customer state…etc; these are updated changes changes are made to them via the webhook that passes over info to Klaviyo.

Birthday data is not sent over to Klaviyo from Smile currently.

We would like to be able to send "event" data (like when orders are made, when referrals are made…etc) but right now that's not something that we sync to Klaviyo. Emails that rely on event data can only be sent through Smile notifications (points earned email, points expiry email, reward redeemed email...etc) currently.

Data Syncing

We have 2 type of syncs for Klaviyo (and most integrations):

  • an initial sync - when the integration is set-up, we sync all customers

  • real-time sync - whenever a customer is updated

Does Smile integrate with Bold?

We don't currently have a direct integration with Bold's Recurring Order, which means that customers will be able to earn points on their subscription orders, but they can't use rewards towards their subscriptions. Essentially - similar to Recharge, customers will be able to earn points for their Bold orders - but because we don't have an integration with Bold - there isn't a way to create rewards that will work in Bold subscription orders.

Is Smile integrated with Tapcart or Shopney?

Yes. We offer the Tapcart and Shopney integration/Smile API keys on the Growth plan and up.

How to connect with Tapcart?

Many merchants have integrations with Tapcart. In order to set this up you need API access. When integrating Tapcart will ask for the an API key and Rewards URL. For the first field, you need to enter the Private API Key found on the Platform page in settings. For the Rewards URL, you can enter a link if they already have an explainer page set up like this one:

If you don't have an explainer page, you can leave that field blank.

NOTE: Tapcart will only display 'Fixed' rewards - they don't have a way of display our incremental rewards. So in case there's no rewards are appearing in your tapcart app - it's most likely because you only have incremental rewards available.

Does Smile integrate with PushOwl?

What is PushOwl?

PushOwl is a web push app that integrates with Shopify to help market and sell your stores products

Do they integrate with Smile:

Currently they do not integrate with Smile.

Is Smile compatible with Ajax Carts?

Smile does not have a direct integration and cannot guarantee that there will be no conflicts with this app.

How do Subscription Integrations work with Points earning?

So long as a Subscription Provider's order passes through Shopify/BigC/Wix, we can automatically reward points for every re-occurring order. This would automatically work without a dedicated integration between and the subscription provider.

The purpose of integrating with a Subscription provider is to automatically generate subscription-specific rewards. This is because Subscription providers typically have a separate discounting system from Shopify/BigC/Wix.

Good to Know...

  • Currently, Recharge is the only subscription integration we support (Shopify merchants only).

  • There is no way to add a rewards expiry to a Recharge reward.

  • Are you able to add a recharge amount discount as a referral reward? Or just as a ‘redeem points’ reward? Yes! Help Doc here

  • It is not possible for Merchants to only offer points for subscriptions and block out earning points from other items (unless they just don't add 'ways to earn')

  • The only rewards that you're able to offer with Recharge are amount off and % off

Smile does not offer webhooks

Unfortunately we are not able to provide webhooks to you.

General API capabilities

The Smile API CAN:

  • Display a customer’s points balance

  • Display a customer’s current VIP tier

  • Display the available spending rules

  • Purchase a reward for the customer (and display the generated coupon code immediately after purchase)

  • Show a list of past points earning/spending

However the API can NOT:

  • List the various earning rules

  • List the various VIP tiers available & their entry rewards

  • Show a list of past rewards they’ve redeemed (including unused rewards)

  • Display information about the customer’s VIP tier expiry and progress to the next tier

  • Award a variable number of points for a custom activity. Only fixed number of points can be awarded with Smile.

  • Allow customers to self serve and remove reward discounts themselves after redeeming points for coupons.

Can the API key be changed?

Currently Smile has no process or documentation for changing the API key.

Sweetooth vs smile api keys

You can use both when trying to make changes to your store as both will direct you to the same URL.

You should be using your Private Key as the bearer token and not Public key.

To send requests this help doc can help

Giving points for submitting google form

  • have a way to detect when the Google form is submitted

  • have a way of matching the person who submitted the Google form to their corresponding customer record in Smile

  • have a way to send us an API call and let us know that the custom activity has happened

API Rate Limits

At present, there are no rate-limiting checks in place. For now, we recommend limiting your scripts to no more than 10 requests per second

API Access Request

API Is only available on our Plus Plan for Shopify and BigCommerce. API is not available to Wix merchants.

However there are some exceptions available to merchants on other plans

API access for 3rd party integrations (eg: Tapcart)

Some 3rd party / unofficial integrations such as Tapcart can integrate with Smile - doing so requires an API key.

  • In such cases, we will provide access to the API if the merchant is on the Growth plan or above

  • The API keys can then be found in Smile > Settings > Platform > Show more (button)

What reward types can be redeemed with the API?

The purchase a points product API endpoint can be used to purchase ANY kind of points program rewards that Smile supports (including one time rewards, imported coupon code rewards, free product rewards, Recharge subscription rewards....etc). The idea here being that Smile internally handles all the complexity of which type of reward it is, and you have one consistent API interface/endpoint that works regardless of the type of reward being purchased.

NOTE: the only thing worth noting is that the endpoint only works for rewards that you have a reward setup for (in 'Program' > 'Points' > 'Ways to redeem') - if there’s no reward, there’s no points_product_id that can be purchased.

Smile and multi-language apps / themes

Smile is only able to appear in one language on the front end

Smile does not work with multi-language apps and themes

Smile does not integrate with Langify, so cannot support translations.

Which languages are supported by Smile?

  • English

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Portuguese

  • French

  • Simplified Chinese

How do translations work?

You can set your program language by going to Settings > Language:

Only the 'Customer facing' language will be changed. The Smile admin will remain in English.

Things that cannot be translated automatically:

Any text that you customize on the Smile UI will not be translated

  • Custom reward names (ways to redeem) or earning rule names (ways to earn)

  • Your points branding (points currency)

  • Any edited/customized customer notification text (If a field in any template has been edited - it will not be translated automatically)

  • Any historical customer data — eg. redeemed rewards (this includes their names, usage instructions and terms and conditions)

  • Any VIP tiers that were created before the language change

Switching from another loyalty app to Smile

You can transfer the below over from your previous loyalty platform:

  • Points

But you cannot transfer over:

  • Customer birthdays

  • Referral info (referral links, amount of referrals completed)

  • redeemed rewards

Now you'd like to move everything from OLD PROGRAM. There are 2 steps here that are important: You will have to manually set up the earning rules again. We recommend taking a piece of paper or making a spreadsheet of all the rules that you would like to keep. Then go through them one by one and recreate them in Smile. You can follow these tutorials to see how to set up the Points Program as well as the Referral Program is set up.

2. Once those are set up, next you will want to focus on keeping customer information. Customer accounts will automatically be moved over as Smile syncs with your Shopify customer database. The actual accounts themselves can already be seen in Smile Admin Next, you will want to move over a customer's point balance. This is important so they don't lose any information. You will need to export customers' point balance information from the old program. Look in their help documentation to see how to do this. You will get a spreadsheet to download. Next, create a new spreadsheet with either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel (do not use Mac Sheets it does not work). In the first column write "email" then copy the whole column of emails from the export spreadsheet you just downloaded. In the next column write "points" then copy and paste the column of points totals. You should have a two-column spreadsheet with the titles "email" and "points" and a list of your customers and their point balances underneath. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. You can then follow this guide to see an example and where to upload the CSV in Smile Admin.

Smile compatibility with eCommerce platforms

Smile is compatible with:

  • Shopify (and ShopifyPOS)

  • Wix

  • BigCommerce

It is not possible to use Smile on any other platform, and there are no workarounds.

How to test parts of the program

We don't currently have a 'Test' feature in our app. However, if you are on a paid plan - you can test the program by following the steps:

Currently, there isn't a way to see the panel on your site without enabling the program. What I would recommend doing here would be to:

  1. disable all email notifications by going to - clicking on each email, and click 'Disable' at the bottom of the page

  2. Turn the visibility of the launcher off, so your customers aren't able to see it once you go live. You can do this on the Starter plan or above in Branding > Theme > Visibility

  3. Enable the reward programs

  4. Access the rewards panel by going to your site and adding a 'Deep link' to the end of your store URL (for example -

Once you're done with the testing - you'll just want to make sure to re-enable the emails, and turn the visibility of the launcher back on to officially launch the program to your customers.

Demo request of Smile

We know you're busy, so we've actually put together a pre-recorded demo video to watch when it's most convenient for you. 🎥 Check it out here!

Also, please learn more about the distinct advantages offered by our paid plans here.

Check out our new demo store at for the full experience! ✨

(password: "smile")

Can you change eCommerce platform but retain the same Smile account and loyalty data?

Smile account can only be linked to one store - and cannot be transferred from store to store. You would need to create a new Smile account to link to a new store. You would also need to create a new email address for each store, the same email address cannot be used for multiple stores.

Smile can help with transferring your points (and VIP tiers, if applicable) over from your old Smile account to your new Smile account though (Referral details cannot be imported at this time).

Once you have the new Smile account created - here's how to move your customers' points over:

  1. Login to your old Smile account, and export your customer list - here's how: Export customers from Smile save this export!

  2. Make sure that all your customer data from your old store has been moved over to the new store. Once it has, the customer data will automatically sync into your new Smile account

  3. Take the customer export from Smile, and format it into a new CSV with just 2 columns: Email, and Points.

  4. Import this CSV into your new Smile account, to transfer over the points balance! Here's how: Import points with a CSV file.

Customer cannot login to Smile panel (login loop)

This is usually caused by changes in your theme. Re-applying our code to your theme or making sure you have the app embed setting enabled in Shopify) will do the trick!

Filtering the customer list by most points doesn’t show top earners

Regarding the customer page in the Smile admin - it does look like the sorting/filtering features are not working properly at the moment. We've reported this issue to our development team. The workaround here would be set your filter options, then export your filtered results. The exported list will be sorted/filtered properly.

To do this, please set your filters, then click the 'Export customers' button, and choose 'Customers matching search' -

The file will be downloaded through your browser as well as sent to your email.

Smile isn’t compatible with _________

  • Gift cards

  • Edit Order by Cleverific.

  • Orderify

  • Returnly

  • Discount Ninja, Booster: Discounted Pricing, Ultimate Special Offers

  • Revy

  • Weglot

  • For some apps to integrate they will ask if the app is in an iFrame or sourced into the website code? The answer is Smile is in an iFrame

Smile load speed concerns

You can try disabling the Javascript SDK feature:

One of our primary focuses, when we load our scripts on your site, is ensuring that we have almost no impact on your page’s performance & search ranking. We do this by asynchronously loading our scripts after your main content loads(among other performance optimizations).

The suggestions/opportunities mentioned by the google lighthouse report are opportunities for improvement & does not directly affect your page ranking. At times, you might even notice Shopify's own JavaScript files show up there since these evaluations evolve over time & sometimes that extra level of optimization might not be critical for 99% of merchant sites. That said, we do actively use these opportunities to improve our scripts to provide the best performance & experiences over time.

Situations we do not advise turning off the JavaScript SDK

  • If you have made custom additions of Smile info to your site using Smile.JS

  • If you have custom activity rules setup that require a click from your website

  • If you use points slider/dropdown

  • If you have the JS version of our deep links added to your sites

Error Message - Error adding to your Shopify store

This means that you're missing some tags in your theme.liquid so we’re not able to insert our code properly.

The warning message indicates that your Shopify theme doesn't have a closing body or html tag (i.e. </body></html>).

This may be the reason why the Smile launcher is not loading on your website.

Here's what to do:

1. Go to Shopify > Online Store > Themes

2. Click 'Edit code' for your current theme

3. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and check to see if you have both of these tags: </body>


4. once both </body> and </html> are added to your theme.liquid Apply Smile UI again to your store.

Does Smile work on Linux OS?

Yes it should.

It's worth noting that we don’t regularly test or develop on windows or Linux machines so it’s possible that there could be some nuanced differences between them that cause things to occasionally not behave as expected.

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