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• How to disable email notifications for any given action

If you'd like to disable email notifications for any of your program's actions, you will need to change your preferences on that particular action's customization screen.

As an example, let's disable notifications for points earned when placing an order. 

In order to do that, you need to access the Earning page found in the Points section of your Smile Admin.

Select the name of the rule that you'd like to disable notifications for.  In this example, we'll choose "Place an order."

In the Entry Notification section, you can now choose whether you would like Smile to send email notifications for the action or not.  

To disable, select Do not notify from the options provided.

Once you've saved your changes, your customers will stop receiving notifications for this particular action.

You can follow the same procedure to disable notifications for any earning, spending, referral, or VIP action.

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