Here's what we're covering:

• The different customer facing components of a Smile points program
•  How customers earn and spend points

Earning points in the customer panel

Customers earn points for completing actions that you define in the Earning Section of Smile Admin. 

Some of these actions are earned from within the panel like following on Facebook, or tweeting a share message. These are done inside the customer panel

Actions like placing an order or leaving a review will be rewarded without additional action by the customer as long as they are logged in. 

Spending points in the customer panel

When a customer has enough points for a reward they can redeem those points within the customer panel. These are set in the Spending Section of Smile Admin

The rewards that they have enough points for will be shown with a button to redeem, the ones that are not available are greyed out with the number of points still required to claim it.

When a customer spend points on a reward that reward will be visible in the "My Rewards" section at the bottom of the customer panel, and if you have notifications enabled, it will also be emailed to the customer

Customer reward emails

When a customer earns or spends points they will be sent an email letting them know how many points they have, the rewards waiting, and a follow up of the rewards they have just claimed. 

These emails can be customized on the Small Business plan in the Notifications Section of Smile Admin.

(example email)

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