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• How to add a spending rule to your points program

Customers always appreciate more ways to spend their points with your store.  Thankfully, it's extremely easy to add more!

To add a new spending rule to your points program, click the "Add rule" button in the top right hand corner of your program's Spending page.

Select the spending action you'd like to add by clicking the "Add action" button next to the corresponding action.

Fill in the required fields to complete the spending action setup.  

Note: fields may differ based on the spending action selected.  

Note: if you are a Shopify merchant, you have the option of putting conditions on when the spending rule may be applied. This could be either limiting the rule to certain product Collections or orders over a specific amount, and can be set in the Reward details section.

Click Create to activate your spending rule.  

Once the action is created, customers will be able to see it in in your customer Panel. 

✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan. 


Additional customization.

You can take your spending rule to the next level by customizing its Display with a custom icon.  

Once you've saved your desired Display changes, customers will be able to see them in your customer panel and email notifications after completing this action.

Finally, when you're done adding your new rule, here is how it looks from the customer's perspective: 

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