Here's what we're covering:

• How to set up a free product reward
• How your customers redeem free product rewards

How to set up a free product reward.

To add a free product reward, click the "Add rule" button in the top right hand corner of your program's Spending page.

Select Free product at checkout.

Decide how many points the customer needs to spend in order to redeem the reward and enter it into the Points cost field.

Select the product and assign it a monetary value.

Click Create to activate your free product spending rule. 

Once the rule is created, customers will be able to redeem points for the reward.

How customers redeem a free product reward.

In order for your customers to redeem their free product, they must click the Redeem button next to your free product reward in your program Panel. 

This will reveal a discount code that they need to copy. 

Customers must then add the product associated with your free product reward to their cart and apply the coupon code by pasting it into the Gift card or discount code field provided.

Once the customer hits the Apply button, the coupon code will make the product reward free, allowing the customer to finish the checkout process.

Note: Both the coupon and the product need to be in the cart for the coupon code to work. If the product doesn’t exist or is out of stock, the coupon will not work. 

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