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Here's what we're covering:

• How to reward certain customers based on custom conditions

Earning conditions are a fantastic way to target and encourage engagement from certain customer groups.  

You can set up earning conditions when you create or edit a new earning action.

Check the "Setup conditions that must be met to earn for this action" box to display the different conditions you can set up.

Fill in the required fields to set conditions for that earning action.

Once you've saved your changes, customers will only earn points if the conditions you've set are/aren't met as per your specifications.

Note: you can limit points earning on as few or as many actions as you'd like.

📝   Pro Tip:

You can add as many conditions as you'd like to any earning action.

Types of earning conditions.

There are two main types of earning conditions that you can set up within your points program:

Activity Conditions

These conditions are based on your customers' spending and take a look at either the Currency being used or the Total discounts applied to a transaction.

Example: purchase must be made with Canadian currency in order for a customer to earn points.

Customer Conditions

Customer Conditions are built around either Customer tags (set up in your Shopify Admin/Bigcommerce Admin) or a customer's VIP Tier.

Example: customers with a "Wholesale" tag cannot earn points for leaving a product review.

Note: customer tags are case sensitive.  Make sure that the tags in your Shopify Admin/Bigcommerce Admin and Smile Admin are spelled the exact same (including capitalization).

How Smile awards customers with points.

1. Multiple conditions in a single rule.

Customers must meet all of the conditions in order to earn points. 

In this example, a customer must be in the Rookie tier and have a "wholesale" tag to be rewarded.

2. Combined customer and activity conditions.

Customers need to match both conditions in order to earn points.  If they only match one of the conditions, they will not receive any points.

In this example, the customer's order needs to be made in CAD currency and they need to have a "wholesale" tag to be rewarded.

3. Conditions with multiple values.

Only one of the values must match for a customer to earn points.

In this example, the customer needs to have a tag of either "wholesale" or "ambassador" to be rewarded.

Note: customer conditions for VIP tiers cannot be combined with other conditions using "or" statements because customers can only be in one tier at any given time.

4. Two or more of the same condition with multiple values (example: more than one tags condition).

Customers must match at least one of the values in the first condition and also match at least one of the values in the second condition.

In this example, the customer needs to have a tag of either "premium, "points-earners", or "special-club" and also needs to have an "active" tag to be rewarded.

5. Conditions that exclude specific tags.

In this case the merchant is excluding "wholesale" customers from earning points on their wholesale purchases.

If you have further questions about creating earning conditions, please contact us at support@smile.io. 

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