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• Possible reasons your customers aren't earning points

If your customers aren't earning points with your rewards program, there are a number of possible reasons.

1. Order status isn't tagged as either "Paid", "Shipped", or "Completed".

In order to earn points, you need to set your Order Statuses to one of these 3 options.  You can check this in your program's Shopify Settings.

2. The customer does not have an account with your store.

Smile can only award points to program members who are signed into their account during the checkout process.  Guests cannot earn points.

3. Referred customer did not use the referral coupon code during the checkout process.

If your customer referred a friend but received no points for it, confirm that their referred friend used the referral coupon code when they made their purchase.  The referral coupon code is the only way the Smile system can link the two customers together to award points.

If you have checked all of the above and a customer is still not earning points, please contact us at

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