Understanding program settings

Overview of the program settings section in app

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Your program's Settings are where you can update a number of details about your program.

These settings include:

  • Store name, store URL, time zone, currency, and currency display

  • Customer notifications: sender name, reply-to email

  • Billing email address

Account: Primary account user, email details, password

Language: The language customers will see within the Smile UI.

  • (✅ Shopify only) deactivate Javascript SDK to reduce Smile load times

  • (✅ Plus plan only) Implement custom activities

Platform settings: when to reward customers, when to cancel rewards, which parts of an order are rewarded, program features and functionality

Billing: information on your current plan, settings to change your plan

Program participants: determine what customers will earn points/make referrals/participate in VIP in your rewards program (i.e. All customers, or only customers with accounts.)

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