Getting Started

Learn how to configure and launch a loyalty program with guides to account wide order and billing settings, plus platform specific configuration help for Shopify, BigCommerce and Wix

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Find answers to questions about topics including Smile's technical specifications, UI caching, privacy, and how to connect with the Smile team

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Strategy & Best Practices

Maximize program value with these guides to enhancing the customer experience, email marketing, analytics and more

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How to set up, customize and troubleshoot Smile's points program

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How to set up, customize and troubleshoot Smile's referral program

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How to set up, customize and troubleshoot Smile's VIP program, available on our Growth plan and above

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How to view customer data, add and remove customers in Smile

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Program Performance

Understand how program performance metrics are presented

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Branding & Display

How to apply customized branding to the Smile look and feel

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Customer Emails

Learn about the customer email notifications generated by Smile

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Smile Apps

How to get more out of Smile with app integrations

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Smile: Customer view

As a customer shopping at a merchants store: how do I use Smile?

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