ReCharge is a recurring billing & subscriptions app for eCommerce platforms. It allows you to supercharge your subscription business and integrating your loyalty and rewards platform enables you to give back to your monthly subscribers.

This feature is only available on Shopify and a Smile paid plan.

NOTE: Smile is only compatible with older versions of ReCharge installed prior to Nov. 1st, 2020.

Here's what we're covering:

ReCharge is one of the most used recurring billing and subscription solution service in the Shopify app store. With ReCharge and Smile you can:

  • Reward customers for recurring purchases

  • Reward customers with discounts on future subscription payments

What you need to install the ReCharge app

A valid ReCharge API key with:

  • Read access: Store Info and Customers

  • Read & Write access: Discounts

  • Products set up for subscription billing

How to install the ReCharge app

On the Apps page of your Smile Admin, select the ReCharge app and click Install.

Enter your ReCharge API key and click Connect to ReCharge.

Setting up the ReCharge app

Once the ReCharge app is connected to your Smile account, you need to set up the ReCharge subscription coupon.

📋 Note:
You need to have discount codes enabled in ReCharge in order for your Smile reward to function properly. You can learn more at ReCharge support.

Go to the Program > Points page and click the Add Ways to redeem button.

Scroll down to find the ReCharge section - then select either an amount discount or percentage discount:

In the coupon edit page, add the amount of points, and coupon value. Once you click Create, your customers will be able to spend their points for this subscription reward.

📋 Note:

The ReCharge rewards do not include a minimum purchase amount setting, a collection specification setting, a coupon prefix setting, or a rewards expiry setting.

📝 Pro Tip:
Make your subscription coupon reward as exciting as the rest of your program by giving it a unique name. You can even add a custom icon to really make it stand out!

📋 Note:
Even though ReCharge subscriptions are processed through ReCharge billing, your customers will still be able to earn points based on the points per dollar earning rules you have set up in your store.

How customers claim their ReCharge coupon

In order to claim their ReCharge subscription reward, your customers will need to be logged into their account on your store.

Once they've logged in, they can navigate to your program's launcher and click See rewards you can earn. This will bring them to your Rewards page.

The ReCharge subscription coupon will be listed as one of the rewards you offer in your program. If they have enough points, they can use it by clicking the Redeem button.

As soon as they click Redeem, a coupon code will show up in the customer panel. Customers can then either Copy the code to use immediately, or access it in the follow-up email sent automatically through Smile.

📋 Note:
Your ReCharge API key will only automatically generate a coupon code for subscription items. If you sell non-subscription items, you will need to create a separate reward for your customers to use.

Customers can use the ReCharge coupon code in two ways:

  • New customers can apply the coupon code in the checkout of a new subscription

  • Returning customers can click the button that says Apply Discount Code and apply the coupon code

📋 Note:
ReCharge coupons will only apply to a customer's next order and do not carry over if the full balance isn't used.

Example: if a customer has a $50 coupon and applies it to a $25 subscription, the remaining $25 will not carry over to their next order. Instead, the customer would forfeit the remaining value of the reward.

Important! Make sure that you have the appropriate fields enabled for the integration between ReCharge and Smile to work! Under "Enable with ReCharge"

💖 We'd love your feedback!

If you have any ideas about other information you would like to sync with ReCharge, please send your feedback to support@smile.ioand let us know why this information is important for your rewards program.

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